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Toddler hitting/pushing

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Sigh, I never thought that my 19-month-old would become one of "those" kids that goes to his playgroup and starts to smack other kids around. Well, he is. It just started and I am having trouble figuring out how to stop it. I know that it is a regular part of being a toddler, but I have to admit that it is embarrassing and makes me feel like a mommy that does not know how to handle her children!
: Any suggestions how to handle this in front of the other moms and at home?
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I think everyone (even if they don't like it) understands that this is part of toddler development. At my DD's school, many of the moms are very proactive when they see their kids showing aggressive behavior - which I think is very reassuring, and makes it not seem as bad.

As for curbing the behavior, I find this very effective with my 19 mo old, I take her hand and put it on my face, saying "gentle, gentle, Mommy (or whoever) likes gentle." This does a really good job diffusing the incident and then showing the child what they can do with their hands that is more positive. And then you can ask your child to please say "sorry" and do something nice for the other child.
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