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Toddler/Little Girls' 8.5 New Balance Sneakers FS

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Hi mamas!

I have a pair of little girls/toddler New Balance pink sneakers FS. They are this model:

DD2 wore them for maybe 2 1/2 months before outgrowing them
. They have TONS of life left in them (I was hoping we'd get through a summer at camp with them, but no dice...but they're still well up to the task of a summer of hard play!). They really have no obvious wear except a few scuffs on the suede here and there, but the velcro is still great and even the soles show almost no wear and tear. The inners are also in fantastic shape. My dd2 is very light on her feet.

I'd like to get $12 plus shipping for them. Reply here and pm me with interest. Thanks!
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