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Here's my experience:

We co-slept with DD (2.5yo) from birth and during my pregnancy we started having DH put her to bed a few nights a week when I was working and out of the house. Once that was going good we started having DH put her to bed on the nights I was home...some tears ensued but they didn't last longer than 10 minutes. (He had to read a LOT of stories, but it worked) We now take turns putting DD#1 to bed. She still wakes in the night and cries out for "mommy" but if DH is in bed with her she'll settle back down. Sometimes she'll crawl out of bed and come into mine.

Right now our sleep arrangement is like musical beds. Sometimes it's me and the girls in our bed with DH in a separate bed. Sometimes it's me and DD#2 in one bed and DH and DD#1 in another bed. Last night it was me in one bed, DD#1 in her bed and DD#2 in her crib and DH in our guest bedroom.
Our bedroom configuration is like this: upstairs DD#1 bedroom, master bed with adjoining nursery. So we're all upstairs. (Guest bed is main floor)

Often I'll put DD#1 to bed while I nurse DD#2 and then they're both sleeping. I'll put DD#2 in the crib until she wakes to nurse again, then I'll bring her into bed.

DD#1 has since become a more sound sleeper and DD#2's cries don't wake her.

Good Luck
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