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My toddler used to have very nice poop! I mean, he wasn't constipated but he had formed turds. Then we went on a trip to the southwest, and when we returned, his poops were really gross. Unformed, loose, sticky and...sandy??? Feh, I just cleaned one up--these are diaper service dipes and our covers, and the covers got all--okay whatever.

Okay, so that's pretty icky to read, but I bet some folks here have been through it. I don't want to constipate him, but what were we doing right before? He used to eat yogurt and now isn't into it, is that a clue?

Will we get back to our normal poops (not too tight and not too loose) if we give him probiotics? How have you done this? Is there another idea? He also eats bananas and applesauce, both of which I thought were slightly constipating. He also scarfs down raisins and lots of vegetables, I don't want to discourage either. Please advise if you have BTDT.
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