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Toddler Silverware?

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My ds, Bleuet, is starting to get pretty handy with a spoon. He uses a couple of Bjorn spoons, silver demi-tasse spoons, and, if nothing else is clean, a teaspoon. I think now I'd like to get him the next step: a set with a real fork. What do you have for your children? Where did you get it? How is it working? How did you decide when to move on to the next step?
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DD uses a small toddler size fork and spoon. It was nmy DH's when he was a baby - his mom saved everything.

I think they are great - now at 26 MOS she can use both perfectly.
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First years (I think) makes a little set with a spoon, fork and knife. I got them at ToysRUs, I think.
They kid forks I've seen weren't sharp enough to actually stab anything, so we ended up using the small forks that came in a set of silverware we got at Ikea. They're about 1/2 the size of regular forks - they must be some kind of dessert fork I think.

(this is delany, btw)
DD uses smal salad forks and teaspoons for cereal or yogurt. I agree that the forks for toddlers weren't sharp enough.
We got her silverware at an outlet mall here in town that has lots of different kitchen stores. This particluar one was Oneida. I found that the other toddler sets were as some others mentioned with useless forks. These are much better and look great on the table next to our silverware too!!
Thanks all around!

Hey, Whateverdidiwants, it's about time I ran into you here!
Thank you for saying hey. I put you on my buddy list. Not that I know the significance of that, but I may figure it out.
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IKEA was mentioned, but they also make silverware for kids.
they have plastic knives/forks/spoons, metal kid sized utensils with plastic handles, and very small (almost all demitasse size) knives/forks/spoons(2sizes-baby and babybaby) that are metal and come in a wooden box. dd likes the metal set, the forks/knives are sharp enough -but not too sharp, and the spoons are the perfect size.
So many good choices -- I could see this becoming an obsession! All the stuff is so cute, and it's so much easier to justify purchases when it's for your baby.
I also used the salad/dessert forks for ds, he did and does well with them. Occaionally he wants to use his hands cause he can get the food in his mouth
he does well with spoons, even soup!
Ikea makes some great toddler flatware.

dd LOVES hers. It comes with fork, knife and spoon and the knife isn't really even sharp, but she likes "cutting" her food herself
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