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Toddler Started Peeing on Floor

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My 2.5 year old daughter was pretty much potty trained (well, with peeing, not with pooping) and has had very few accidents. In the past couple of weeks she has started peeing on the floor a lot. She will start peeing and then notice and say "I have to pee" and go to her potty or she will just pee, tell me she went, and not go to potty at all.
I've asked a few friends who say it's normal to have some regression but I worry that it could be a sign of something else.
There are no major changes in her life recently and I can't think of anything external that might be causing it.
She says she still likes her potty and that she doesn't know why she pees on the floor. We are careful to never scold her or anything like that.
Any thoughts?
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It's normal. We have a week or so of potty regression every two to three months (she potty trained early) and it always goes away. Sometimes I think it's because she gets busy and just doesn't want to bother, and sometimes I can't find any reason at all. But it does go away, so don't worry.
same boat!
my dd 2.5 was all but learned back in early for poop, which she refused to put in the potty.
then one day, she started having accidents left and right and it increased to the point where she was having more accidents than success on the potty.
we collectively decided she would be more comfortable back in her pull-ups until she decided to tackle it again and with the exception of a few times here and there...she hasn't used the potty since.
I think it is definitely normal...probably partly a power issue (at least with my dd) and I figure, she KNOWS how to do it at this point...and it's her choice to make the start again. this very preggo mama couldn't take cleaning up messes all day any longer and I figured it might be easier for her after all the adjustment to new baby stuff is behind us!
once in awhile she'll express interest in wearing her underwear and I'll remind her that when we wear underwear, we make an effort to get to the potty and she'll (almost) always decide to wear pull-up or diaper instead.
maybe she's experiencing late pregnancy fatigue too
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I am glad to hear my daughter is not the only one doing this!!
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