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Dd had a fever yesterday morning and I knew she had been exposed to strep so we took her to the ped and her rapid strep came back positive. We started her on antibiotics yesterday (2 doses) and will continue for 10 days. She still has fever but I just assume it will take time for the infection to get kicked.<br><br>
My question is that she seems to have a really stuffy, runny, sneezy nose now too. I feel it is totally unrealted, but just want to check. I had been feeling yucky and sneezy and stuffy for the past few days ending this morning, but her nose was like a faucet today (all clear). It is finally above 50 degrees here, but the pollen and tree counts are all low, so allergies seem unlikely. Could she have a cold and strep? If so, what can I do for her poor little nose?<br><br>
PS- She turned 3 on Tuesday.
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