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toddler tourist in Chicago: what we did

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Hi all!

Thanks so much to everyone who made recommendations for me -- it was very helpful and we had a great time!

I just spent half an hour writing in detail about our trip (potentially useful stuff for anyone who might be planning a visit) but MDC logged me off and my message was destroyed!!! Aarrgh!

So here's the short version:

Millennium Park: Great! Excellent for DD to run around and great cityscape for me to enjoy.

Shedd Aquarium: Great exhibits, kind of exhausting, but worth it. Buy tickets online in advance!!!! Most tanks not visible from stroller height. Outdoor North Terrace is enclosed & DD could run around, liked that as much as exhibits or more.

Lincoln Park Zoo: Way more toddler-friendly than aquarium. We loved animals, carousel, children's section. Not crowded the day we were there, but probably is on a nice day.

That's all for now. Ciao!
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Thanks for sharing! We're in the Chicago ' we're hoping to get into the city soon and do something fun. Nice to have some idea what a little one might like.
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