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toddler won't wear cloth

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I talked to a new customer asking how her first experience with FB for nighttime was going and she said "he won't wear it".
: She went on to say he's being quite difficult about wearing jammies as well. He'll let her dress him in regular clothes, but at night he's being very difficult. He'll be 2-yrs-old on Saturday and is a large boy.

My first reaction was "well, you are the grown-up here and he shouldn't be the one demanding his way",
but I kept my mouth shut and told her I'd post to ask if anyone else has had this problem.

Any advice, suggestion, etc?
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What did she stuff it with? Maybe if she used something really trim (like joeybuns or similar) it would help with the transition. If it is being stuffed with a premium prefold or more it may just be that her son is objecting to the bulk. Other than that I have no DS wore cloth from birth so I haven't had these problems.


I have a two year old boy. They are v ery unique individuals, especially since I have an easy going girl who's older than him!

He won't wear certain covers and clothes sometimes. I try to give him a choice of 2 things if we have to go out. With the diaper covers, if he really balks, I skip it or put him in something else and then when he falls asleep, I just change him then
As long as he wakes up wearing something he hated before, it makes it 'okay' and I never hear another peep.

Very rarely I will force him to wear something by holding him and dressing him myself, especially if we need to go out and it's cold so yes, he must wear pants, but otherwise it's a battle I don't wish to fight because I like to save my energies for him not wanting a bath/dinner/bed/whatever. You need to pick your battles carefully with toddlers.

Maybe your friend could try changing her DS when he's asleep until he gets used to the dipes?
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My Ds is just a bit older than your Dd, so maybe you've got this to look forward, too.

Sometimes he'll refuse to wear something, in that case I give him 2 choices and either he picks one or I pick one. The only time he's ever refused a diaper was when it didn't fit right and was too tight.

Right now we're working on the halloween costume. He's not too happy about it, and I don't want to force him, because it's just not that important, but I'd like him to try it.

It sounds as though her child might just be one of those who wants to be naked all the time...
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I just wanted to add reg. the "demanding his way," part. I think that just because they are young or small, doesn't mean their opinions do not count or that we should be bullying them into doing what we want. Yes, I believe children are born with parents for a reason, but I think it's important to pick and choose when you're going to exercise your "because I'm the parent and I know better" rights.
Maybe he needs some fun pajamas - disney style or how 'bout some cute printed Happy Heinys and then work him into his FB's. My 2 y.o. ds just started wearing cloth about 3 months ago, but he's pretty easy going.
my ds is 2 1/2 years old and refuses cloth now. kids at that age know what they like and dislike. as soon as logan started to potty on the toilet a few times a day his grandma bought him some pull ups and reg. undies well now he REFUSES to wear cloth. i am not going to argue with him. he obviously dislikes the bulk. i have been able to "trick" him into cloth a few times by closing the diaper (making sure its all white like his undies) and pulling it up like real undies.

i can't really comment on the jammies. my kids RARELY wear real jammies. they prefer sleeping in a tshirt and sweats even when i get the cute jammies. although logan loves his new monsters inc jammies a lot.

she may have to resort to disposables unless she can get him to like cloth. good luck to her!
I think your friends best bet is to let him choose between two different things. It also might help to get some diapers that he would like. Maybe some custom designs, or prints that he is into. Like my boys were way into sesame street a while back, so I made a sesame street dipe for them!! Most kids at that age are wanting to be in charge the most they can, so by giving choices, it gives them a feeling of freedom almost.
Originally posted by janiemerle

My first reaction was "well, you are the grown-up here and he shouldn't be the one demanding his way",
but I kept my mouth shut and told her I'd post to ask if anyone else has had this problem.

wise....all too many times have I passed judgement only to find over time....

Anyhow...this sounds about right. 2yo are so day they love it the next they hate it...always little power-mongers. Like others said, give choice...he doesn't make choice, you make one for them.

Also-it sounds like he is trying to have control about bedtime. My other thought would be to have a conversation (in a 2yo manner) to give him a say in "how" bedtime is done. "we are having a hardtime getting you dressed for bed....perhaps you would like to read a story first, then get dressed for bed and then read another does that sound?" Make it that he is "part" of how the routine is done and have the conversation beforehand about how bedtime will be done (ie-we agreed that we will read a book, you will get dressed and we will read another book).
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I think I tried to start the cloth diapering too late with my son. He really liked how soft they all were and was excited to put it on. But one pee and off it went and he would start asking me to put his diaper on him. Perhaps he would have been potty trained earlier if I just threw the Pampers out, but I had only a small amount of CD's around and didn't quite have the gutts to not have backup.
I was actually dissapointed he woulnd't wear them. They were so cute. Like I said, I think I just started to late and he had his preferences. Next time around, I'd start from the begining, not at 1 1/2 years old!
Thanks for the great tips. I'll print them out and take them to her.

About the "demanding his way" part, I guess I just a little stressed out right now.
There are a couple of kids in our daycare that are completely out of control... hysterical temper tantrums, hitting other kids, etc. Their parents aren't doing anything about it and the undesirable behavior is rubbing off on the other kids.
I'm seriously thinking about pulling Grace from daycare.
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I have a 20 month old, and he refuses to wear certain covers or clothes. He's been Cd-ered snce he was 1 week old, but prefers certain cloth dipes- he likes his prefolds. He also will only let me put his soakers on - I have a 2 gorgeous wool side-snap covers and he rips them off, I simply can't use them. Healso refuses to wear side snap PUl covers.

Toddlers are very opinionated- I agree, that offering choices is the best way to go.
My DS was dry at night by 7 months old, so we didn't have to deal with night time diapers at age 2, but we did have PJs issues. Unfortunately, most widely available PJs for kids are polyester. DS cannot STAND polyester! Yes, I could force him to wear it (and there were nights that I did before I discovered that it was the fiber content that was bothering him), but that was not the best way to deal with the issue. While he'd prefer to sleep naked, he really doesn't fight wearing 100% cotton PJs the way he did polyester blanket sleepers.

My suggestion is, try to find the root of the problem. Is it certian textures that bother him? Certain styles? Certain body parts? (I don't like to have my feet covered.) Also, determine whether it really *is* a problem. I used to let DS sleep naked in the summer; it was only in the winter when the cold was waking him every 30 min that I enforced a "must wear PJs to bed" rule. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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