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I've noticed the growth charts for 'breastfed babies' seem to stop at a year old.<br><br>
I am guessing, since I have never seen evidence otherwise, that the toddler charts have no difference between nursing and non-nursing toddlers.<br><br>
I think it MAKES SENSE why so many here have babes with "growth chart issues." OF COURSE there are probably going to be normal growth differences between toddlers who are still nursing (many take much less solids, I personally have not experienced that, <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="lol">) and those who are not...a child who eats 3 meals of solid food per day, plus snacks, and nursing like my ds2 now (who really hardly nurses anymore, he's weaning due to my pregnancy, his lead), and a child like my DD who ate two 'meals' per day till about 17-18 months. (her snacks and lunch were entirely nursing)<br><br>
anyone with me on this? Anyone know of anything ever studied about this?
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