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Toddlers and wraps, stretchy/non stretchy/not at all

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I'm pregnant and have been forgoing my ergo in favor of a brand spanking new (not really, bought used from attatched to baby, they have good deals on returns and it looks brand new) hotsling, but that isn't working so well.

I'm thinking about a wrap now, as it will also be used for the new baby. I'm wondering how easy it is to pop a toddler in and out of a wrap, is it possible at all without unwrapping the whole thing? DS is an "I want up, I want down" kind of boy.

ETA: I quit using a MT and went for the ergo because I hated fiddling with long straps out in public, like the parking lot of the grocery store. I always manage to drag them on the ground, sometimes its raining and they get wet, it just didn't work well. I'm hoping I can find a wrap I can put on at home and just pop DS in and out without unwrapping, just tightening up a little. Pipedreaming?

Also is stretchy like a Moby (?) just a bad idea?

Thanks for the help!

RETA: (re-edited to add
I was thinking about the phrase "it's just a pipe dream" and I think for the first time I get it! Too funny that we use that commonly, even with kids!
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Hmmm. A Moby is great for a newborn but not so great for a heavier baby.

Personally I don't find most wrap carries all that poppable, though - front wrap cross carry or a front cross carry are the most poppable but other than that I always find I have to retie. Then again, if you get a short wrap and do a hip carry, it's not all that difficult to redo.

I really liked the Ergo for the up-downs, but I guess that's not comfy because of your preggo belly?
IME toddlers and stretchy wraps are not the ideal combination (thought I LOVE them for tiny babies!!)

Quite frankly, after 4 months, I found my baby was too heavy for stretchy wraps: they were just not that supportive or comfortable with a heavy baby.

On the other hand, a good woven wrap is heavenly and super versatily - even with heavy toddlers! I love Didymos the best, but there are other awesome wovens out there

When I am out and need to super easy popability I do the following:

Back Carries - I do rucksacks. The fastest!
Fron Carries - I do a Foward Cross Carry. Great to nurse in and super easy to pop DS in and out
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I find a hip carry pretty poppable, and comfortable. And I use a full-length wrap (woven) to do it -- I just wrap the extra length around my hips. Maybe not the best looking solution, but I only need one wrap, so that's a plus.
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