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Toddlers Automatically know what they like to eat?

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Ds has been driving me up a tree!! A very high one!! He hardly eats anything variety wise. crackers, cottage cheese, yogurt, mac and cheese, cereal and thats about it. i have been running my self ragged (mentally) wondering what the heck to do. just give in and give him heaps and heaps of what he likes and wait till he practically takes the food of my plate before we give him something else or to keep shoving new food in his face that he never even tries....theres different reasoning to all of this stuff. so for lunch today i am going through the fridge and cupboard wondering what i am going to feed him, ran out of cottage cheese, didn't want reg. cheese this morning, already ate yogurt this morning, don't have any mac and cheese ahhhh!!! so i put celery with pb (never had) on his tray while i sit near him eating the same thing NO GO. i put raisins on his tray without evening trying them myself and walk back to the kitchen and he gobbles them up!! LOVES them. WTF?????? I mean really!! he didn't need to try it, he KNEW he liked them even tho hes NEVER had them!!! so much for "a child may have to see a food over 10 times to even try it!!!" so i think ok, so i will try for something he might like, plain noodles with butter, salt and pepper (he likes his mac and cheese that way too) NO GO!! i try them in front of him, nothing. so i am off to buy some more dried fruit (he liked it once and ate the whole bag and then didn't want it again). he also didn't like pancakes with or without syrup. he liked cheesy chex mix tho, didn't need me to try it for him to know. Ok so the only correlation I can see is the EXACT same thing my mother used to complain about.....That if I don't cook it/or it comes out of a bag...we/he will eat it!!!

ok so let me know what you think about that!! and you think i am a bad mom if i just let him eat raisins for lunch??????
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Raisins for lunch? Great! Full of iron, phytonutrients, vitamins. Sometimes dd wants to eat whatever I'm eating, sometimes not. Sometimes she just wants to eat a half a package of cream cheese! Nutrionally questionable, but both of her grandmothers indulge her love of cream cheese. Sometimes I let her go to the fridge and pick something out. It works sometimes, but not always. Sometimes the color of the food matters. SHe eats her yogurt in the morning because she likes it, but also because of the color of the package and the color of the yogurt. Sometimes cutting things into shapes makes a huge difference. There are days when she really digs triangles or squares or circles. There is always a protest at first because she would always rather nurse than eat, but I've been pretty persistent lately about having to eat food too. "You have to eat breakfast, before you can have your milk" "First we have to have a snack" I am consistent up to the point of losing my patience. Do you want this, do you want that? As long as it's not cr#p, she's allowed to eat as much of it or only it as she wants. Cr$p is reserved for 10 hour plane rides, special occasions, and grandparents, etc...
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I am so glad you posted this. My dd (2) is making me crazy. Lately she is on a pancake kick and will eat them any time of day. She has a few staples - raisins, apples, cheese, yogurt, bread of any kind, cereal and pasta. Sometimes she will eat chicken - but not much meat of any other kind. And vegetables are out of the question. I offer all the time and she tries to put them on my plate.

So no suggestions from me - just wanted to say that I am there with you.
I just serve dd a plate with a little of everything we are having for the meal. sometimes she asks for something else. sometimes she eats what I served. Sometimes she eats some of what I served and asks for more of that stuff. I am happy to oblige in all three situations. If a food has been rejected in the past, I still serve it. Dh eats whatever she doesn't so nothing gets wasted. Some things I served 10+ times before she ate it. Other things must look interesting and she gobbles it up on the first try. Now, at age 2.5 she will eat just about anything I serve. She very rarely asks for something else and nearly always eats everything on her plate and asks for seconds. I sincerely believe that dd is so willing to try foods because we have always honored her requests and refusals.

If I were you I would give him a plate of the family meal first. Let him look at it or play with it until he asks for something else. It may look pointless but one day he might actually try something. Since he is used to getting his few favorite foods, perhaps make sure one of those foods is part of the meals at first so he is not looking at a plate full of foreign (to him anyway) foods. Maybe is he is all happy about shovelling in some cottage cheese, he will try some of the salad next to it on the plate too.
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Originally Posted by dhinderliter
i put raisins on his tray without evening trying them myself and walk back to the kitchen and he gobbles them up!! LOVES them. WTF?????? I mean really!! he didn't need to try it, he KNEW he liked them even tho hes NEVER had them!!!
Gosh, I just have to ask. Two and a half year old and he's never tried a raisin? Can that even be possible? It seems as though somewhere, sometime when a friend or relative watched him, or he was at a friend's house. I was also curious why you hadn't offered them before?

What works pretty well for us is that I usually just put a number of different foods on Baby's plate and let her decide what she's in the mood for. If I tried to offer her the side dishes beforehand she'd say no, not interested. But if I just add them to her plate she usually ends of taking a bite somewhere along the way, which often leads to finishing off whatever it is. So if she wants Mac n cheese (for the fifth day in a row) that's fine, but I'll heat up a tablespoon of frozen peas and cut up some fresh strawberries on the side. I never make any issue over what she does or doesn't eat, but just leave it up to her.

ETA: oops, I don't know where 2 and 1/2 came from. Looks like your ds is about 18 months?
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Raisins for lunch? Dandy!

My toddler gets whatever everyone else is having that looks good enough that she'll toddle on over and ask for some. And no, that's not harsh, she gets plenty to eat and we sometimes cook meals that we know to be her favorites. But we do not cater to the toddler fickleness. She eats what she eats, and nurses sooooo much that I have difficulty believing that she gets any huge benefit from the food she eats. So we don't sweat it. She is pickier than the older two but we don't let it bother us. If there is nothing that she wants to eat in a given meal, she skips the meal. She is free to take her own apple or carrot from the countertop and often does. We are also pretty free with the crackers. So yeah, when I say she skips the meal...she's still eating something, just not dinner.

Can you make your own healthier trail mix, put that in a bag, and give it to him
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