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Toe injury

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Hi, I'm new here, but i noticed you know a bit about broken toes. I managed to ironically have a footboard fall onto my foot that weighed about 35-40 lbs... it fell across all my toes but the big toe sustained the most damage the way post was shaped all the impact was on the first joint and the toenail and just under the toenail, the toenail is now a purplish black color and i have a bruise on the underside of the toe and on the joints.. it hurt really badly.has been 3 days and i can't get the swelling down ice doesnt work neither does ibuprofen or elevation. i've broken bones before but they didnt hurt like this. Boyfriend thinks i just bruised it cause i dont have any bones protruding out. So i was wondering if anyone might know how much weight it would take to break it or any signs or symptoms that will let me know if i broke it.I really don't want to pay the doc $500 to tell me it is or isn't and ten tape it the the one beside it. Thank you muches.

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I am not the bone expert here by a long shot, but thought I'd respond anyway. First off- your toe could definately be broken without having bones sticking out, and I do think 35 lbs right on the toe is enough to break it. I think the old rule of if you can move it its OK, is probably true. If I could wiggle my toe, and didn't feel I was in so much pain I needed perscription pain relievers, I probably wouldn't go to the doctor. However, if you are still in serious pain after a number of days, can't move your toe, have redness or swelling radiating from the toe up the foot, or other things that seem unusual, I'd see a doctor.


Hope you feel better soon!
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