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Toe Nail fungus and tea tree oil

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I've got a gross toe. I've had it for 12 years, and tried one cycle of the oral meds that are prescribed to kill it off. Then, because of the potential for liver damage, I did not continue the treatment.

I've recently heard that tea tree oil, applied topically to the nail, is effective at killing the fungus. So I'm trying it. Has anybody else tried this, and did it work? How long did you keep it up?
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I did a combination of vinegar/water soaks and TTO and it worked great. I just soaked my foot in a bath of hot water and vinegar for 15 minutes or so every night, and then brushed on the TTO after drying it. It still takes a few months, but worked really well for me. Two years later the fungus has not returned.
I tried it for almost a year. It helped reduce the fungus somewhat but never completely got rid of it.
it sounds silly, but it does work - Vick's Vapo Rub. it does not kill the virus, but if you put it on the nail everyday it gets rid of the ugly yellowish color and makes it look "normal" again.
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