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tofu questions.....

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I bought some tofu last week, opened it last Saturday. I put the unused portion in water & have changed the water a few times since then. Is it still good? How do I know if it's gone bad?

TIA mamas!
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I always sniff mine... if it smells fresh/clean then I assume it is good. If it were in my fridge for 5 or 6 days with occasional water changes and smells ok I'd assume it is good.....

However, no one wants to eat something rotten. So, if you aren't sure just toss it - a tub of tofu is pretty cheap and it may not be worth risking it.
In Japan the tofu would have def. gone bad, andyou would KNOW it had gone bad. In the states it seems to last longer.
does it have a sour smell, any faint pink coloring? if you pinch some between your fingers does it leave strings when you pull your fingers apart? What was the expiration date?
Basically I think you will know if it has gone off.
Thanks ladies...I'm new to using the tofu bricks & have only used them all up in one recipe before. I was also feeling a little too lazy to go out to the store last night
: .
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Yeah, I was gonna say when it has a slight pink tinge to it and it is kinda slimy.
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