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Toilet training again

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How long does it take? I know it is different for every child but is there an average length of time for a toddler to recognise the sensations and get it right? Jen
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We've been working on it for a year at this point (from 18 months until 30 months). He's pretty good at staying dry (if we give him regular reminders to go use the potty) but he's pooped in the toilet maybe three times total. He's clearely aware of when he needs to go. He just almost never tells us until afterwards.
I think at some point he's going to suddenly "get" that big people don't wear diapers, and that will be the turning point, so I'm just trying to stay relaxed about it for now.
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You are right on when you say every kid is different. With all three of my kids, it was just a matter of finding what motivates them, be it getting to choose their own underwear, getting to go to an activity where they require the child to be potty trained, a show that they see of their favorite character using the potty....yup, they are all different, and I am SO glad we are past that stage, and there are NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!
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It varies so much from child to child. I got really lucky. We did not push the potty or even mention it for that matter. Nothing. Dd never saw other kids using one, only us. On Christmas day she asked for panties and has been 100% dry and poop free (even over night) from that moment on. She was 28 months old. OTOH, my friend has been "potty training" her 3.5 yo for over a year. The child showed all of the signs and seems capable. Both kids are smart, normal children. So it seems to me that there really is no telling at all. However, I do believe that pushing it before the child is ready is almost gaurenteed backfire big time. I also believe dd gave us this as a Christmas present to make up for STILL not sleeping through the night......even once.......ever.
I introduced the potty at 2...but actual "training" took about a week. He was out of Pull Ups 2 1/2 months before his 3rd b-day....and he sleeps through the night without waking up to pee, and he always wakes up protection at night.
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