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Tomball Hospital and OB Referrals?????

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My good frineds is like 5 weeks pregnant. The hospital closest to her is Tomball Regional I called to request a tour to see if that's where she wanst to birth. I then looked up the 5 Dr.s who deliver there. I called one and asked for an interview and was told to call back once I know what type of medicade she has. I called a second Dr and the girl at the desk wa a brain dead child. She was completly baffled by my request to "interview" the dr. She asked what for. I said I dunno to maybe see if he's the right Dr for her to spend the rest of her pregnancy with and to trust to help her deliver her CHILD. I mean is it that far out of a concept she would want to make sure she trusts her DR? Then she said it would be schedualed as a consultation and charged as such. $200. I am like WHAT. I interviewed 7 midwifes when I was pregnant with my last and not one charged me for the interview. One even came to my house.

So anyways. She lives over by 1960 and 249 so she's right on the edge of Tomball. Can anyone tell me anything about Tomball Regional Hospital L&D? Anyone know these Drs, Stephanie Bruce, Michael Rodriguez, Marie Socner, Gary DeBeckey?

Any other nearby hospitals and OBs she may want to conciter.

Persoanl experiences, reffrences and ideas are much appreciated.

She is looking for a Dr and Hospital that is breastfeeding supportive, babies room in, the Dr will not cut the cord right away, put baby directly on mooms bellie, no mother child seperations, dr is not circ happy, and has a low csec rate.

I wish she'd just have a homebirth. Then all this would be a given. Sigh.....

Thanks for you help,
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