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Tomorrow I know for sure!

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So... Here's my chart:

This is my first month trying after an Ectopic.
This has been a VERY long cycle.

I have to go in to get a procedure done on Friday at my OBGYN, and if I'm pregnant they can't do part of it. SO, since my HPTs came back negative (though I haven't tested for a while), but I haven't started my period... I'm getting a blood test to be sure. With my last pregnancy that was ectopic, the HPTs gave a false negative. I think it's best to be absolutely sure.

I didn't think I was pregnant before... but the past few days I've had pretty sensitive breasts. I've also been really tired for the past month. SO I suppose there may be a chance.

So, I need everyone to wish me luck!!!
I should know by Thursday!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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