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Tongue Chewin' 4mo

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OK, this has me stumped. My 4 month old has started chewing on his tongue occasionally. A bizarre nursing cue? Beginnings of teething (he has been drooling up a storm for the past few weeks)? Or just discovery of his tongue? He doesn't seem at all interested in chewing on anything non-organic. Fingers (his and ours) and his tongue are great, but he'll have nothing to do with a pacifier, teething ring, etc.

Any opinions are welcome.
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haye chews his tongue ALL the time.
i think it's more interesting feeling than anything.
i was sort of worried at first but i know now that he just is crazy.
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Thanks! Glad to know it's just him being wacky.
Certainly isn't the only thing he does that's a little strange. heehee.
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hahaha, yeah. i'm not worried about it anymore.
LOL, I'd totally forgotten DD did that too! She looked so silly with her tongue out. So glad that habit stopped!
Ds has been doing this lately, too, and he's 4months as well
. I think it's super cute. Definitely not a feeding cue - he does he soon after nursing!
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Yep, I agree with the other posters, it is just one of those things babes do. They discover that they have a tongue and it is a new toy for a bit.
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