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We had ds's frenulum clipped at 11 days b/c I was in major pain (we thought he transfered milk ok, but I couldn't take it...he then started gaining 1 pound per week for a while, so maybe it was impacting his transfer

Anyhow, a short frenulum often runs in families as was the case with us - both my sister and I are tongue tied. My mom had very painful nursing experiences and just nursed through the first two months of owww b/c she didn't know there was an relationship between tt and bf. Our family doc opted not to cut mine as I got older b/c it had no impact on my speech.

However, our pediatric dentist released mine when I was 5 or 6 because it was tied so high on the backside of my gum that it was impacting my lower teeth/jaw development. It was a simple procedure - numbed with lidocaine and snip. I remember it clearly and it just wasn't a big deal. I don't know if my sister's was ever released.

There's no magic age that it becomes a major procedure, though there are varying degrees of the procedure. The simple snip with or without numbing is a frenotomy - most common. If part of the frenulum is removed it's a frenectomy. Frenuloplasty is actual reconstruction (I'm not clear on the indications for this), which *is* much more involved.

The consensus seems to be leave it unless there is a clear indication not to. At which time it can be dealt with simply. HTH!
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