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hi, my 10 month old daugher was born with a very short frenulum also known as being "tongue tied". It did not affect her ability to nurse. Recently the frenulum has gotten a small tear on it. We saw the pediatrician today for a well baby visit and she confirmed that it is indeed "a small tear". She said we could have the frenulum clipped but it was up to our discretion. I asked if it was likely that these tears would happen frequently and become infected - she said "not very likely". She recommended waiting until Sophia starts speaking to find out if any speech problems develop.

So, just want to know if any of you mamas have had a tongue-tied baby with speech problems or without. Should I be concerned? Would it be better to clip now? I do not want to risk my breastfeeding relationship at all and I worry that the clipping might confuse her latch. I am inclined to wait and see, I just want to hear other's experience.

thanks, pauline
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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