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My ds and I were both born tongue tied. It caused me to have a severe speech imbetament. The lactation nurse was the first to notice it in the hospital when ds couldnt latch on correctly. The ENT came to my hospital room and then took him to the children's hospital to snip it. I was worried cause ds didnt get anything snipped at the hospital and I didnt want to do it but I thought it would be best. The lactation nurse said he wouldnt be able to latch correctly if it wasnt done and knowing all the therapy I went through for my speech problem, we just thought it would be best. We wouldnt have noticed it if we werent bf'ing. I'm very happy they got it early. The ENT said that there isnt any nerves going through it so early (ds was 2days old) and ds didnt seem upset about it. I think he and I had a more severe case though cause his tongue didnt reach past his gums. Now he sticks his tongue out at me all the time.

Its up to you. I just wanted to let you know what I decided to do.
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