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Girls Clothes For SALE
these are pics of just a few items. i can send pics of ANY item
2T Dresses

1. yellow sleeveless with pink floral print and white lace edging on the bottom. New never worn or tried on, still has tags
10.00 ppd

2. yellow s/s with lavender floral print. lavender and white checker at collar and at the bottom of the dress. includes a hat. new never worn or tried on, still has tags. 10.00 ppd

3. pink sleeveless with blue floral print, loose smocking at the top. new never worn or tried on, no tags. 7.00 ppd sleeveless with gingham skirt, white collar and embroideredy floral pattern on collar and bottom of dress. new never worn or tried on, has tags.

4. 24 mo sleeveless with white top, 2 flowers appliqued/ embroidered on. and blue and white gingham bottom.matching flowers on the skirt part. new never worn or tried on, still has tags 10.00ppd

5. 24 mo 2 piece top and jumper set. disney baby. s/s white onesie with pink ribbon and lace on the edge of the sleeves. blue jean jumper with minnie kissing mickey on the front, embroidered. pockets with another emboidered/appliqued flower and the words 'love struck'. new with tags, never worn or tried on. 10.00ppd

4T Dress
2 piece: white l/s shirt, buttons up the back, with collar and embroidery on the tips of the collar. jumper in navy and hunter green large plaid. 2 pockets in the front, buttons up the back. new never worn or tried on, still has tags. 15.00 ppd

3-6 MO- used, stain and rip free unless otherwise stated

1. 0-6 mo aqua fleecey footed sleeper, zips up the front with a bear on the right hand side. carters brand, to 18 lbs. 3.00 ppd
2. 2 winnie the pooh onesies. hanes brand small 11-17 lbs. cream with pooh and crean with leaf print and pooh. 2.00 ppd each
3. 2 piece overalls outfit. s/s shirt in yellow/green. and overalls with hearts embroidered. 0-3 months, but fits big, beluga brand. 5.00 ppd
4. 6 mo circo outfit. sleeveless lavender shirt with flower and butterfly on the front and multi colored shorts 3.00ppd
5. 3-6 mo old navy jean shorts, run big. 4.00ppd
6. pink s/s romper with a little girl 'shopping' embroidered on the front, red trim at neck 2.00 ppd
7. yellow and white gingham sleeveless dress. white collar with red trim, and flower embroidery. ladybug on the skirt. new with tags, never worn or tried on. 7.00 ppd
8. pink sleeveless romper with 'flying' bug on the front, comes with a hat. new with tags, never worn or tried on. 5.00 ppd
9. 6 mo 2 piece outfit from disney. s/s shirt, tan with floral print and a 'western' minnie on the front. buttons up the front. skirt w/ built in diaper cover, in western motif. the word minnie on the bottom. 5.00 ppd
10. carters 2 piece outfit.12.5-15.5 lbs. yellow and white striped shirt with 'bugs' on the front. yellow terry shorts. washed, never worn 3.00 ppd
11. suzy's zoo l/s footed sleeper, in cotton. white with suzy zoo print . 12-16 lbs. washed, never worn 3.00 ppd
12. old navy sleeveless onesie. white cotton, ribbed with lace at the neck and arms. 2.00 ppd
13. baby gap 3-6 mo lavender skort with blue floral print. 3.00 ppd
14. 2 0-6 mo onesies, one pink and white stripe with floral embroidery and the other white w/ floral print 1.00 ppd each
15. 6 mo carters oneies 'baby items' print 1.00 ppd
16. baby dior 12 -18 lbs onesie with 'baby dior' print 1.00 ppd
16. 3-6 mo 12-18 lbs yellow and white check onesie with a duck and 'little baby' written on the front 1.00 ppd

6 mo +
1. old navy 6-12 mo pink onesie with 3 fish. never worn, no tags. 2.00 ppd
2. 12mo l/s blue denim dress with black velvet at collar, end of sleeves and 2 pockets on the front. buttons up the front. couple of flowers embroidered at the top and bottom. 3.00 ppd
3. 6-9 mo kids r us yellow s/s tshirt. 2.00 ppd
4. 6-9 mo 16-19 lbs. bright futures l/s long pants onesie in pink and lavender with giraffes on the front. collar is pink, there are pink polka dots on the top and it is striped on the bottom. 3.00 ppd
4. 9m savanah baby sleeveless cotton dress, runs small. white with blue floral print. 3.00 ppd
5. 6-9 mo16-19 lbs bright futures lavender s/s romper w/ hood. zips up the front. has cats embroidered on the arms and waist. ruffles at the arms, legs and hood. new with tags never worn or tried on. 5.00 ppd
6. 6-9 mo buster brown 2 piece outfit. mint green and white checker pants with frog print at ankles and waist. l/s shirt with frog and turtle print . new with tags, never worn or tried on. 4.00 ppd
7. 2 classic pooh oneies large 17 -21 lbs. cream with classic pooh print. 2.00 ppd each.
8. 6-9 mo 16-19 lbs 2 pc. baby face outfit sleeveless aqua and blue striped top with yellow/green sholder strapes and embroidered fish and turtle and matching diaper cover 2.00 ppd
9. 6-9 mo 16-19 lbs baby face 2 pc. outfit. aqua with yellow/green trim and fish. same color small polka dots. ruffles on the front and matching diaper cover with ruffles on the butt.
2.00 ppd
10. 6-12 mo, 22 lbs. skort from marks and spencer. lavender 3.00 ppd
11. 6-12 mo 22 lbs skort from marks and spencer pink, with pockets. 3.00ppd
12. 6-12 mo 22 lbs marks and spencer whit tshrt w/ flower on the front 2.00 ppd
13. 6-9 mo carters bubble romper in blue with bight floral print. 2.00 ppd
14. 6-9 mo carters pink short dress with s/s and butterfly print 2.00 ppd
15. 6-9 mo pooh l/s romper in blue with eyeore print 2.00 ppd
16. 6-9 mo disney pooh collection l/s outfit in pink with floral print, collar, buttons up the front and and embroidered pooh 3.00 ppd

12 mo+
1. 18 mo childrens place pink denim jumper. has pockets on the front and snaps in the front. 3.00ppd
2.12mo white tshirt with cheers logo. 1.00ppd
2.12 mo white vitamins l/s tshirt. 2.00
3. 6-12 mo old navy heather gray, cotton, ribbed shorts. 1.00 ppd
4. old navy 6-12 mo 17-22 lbs. white sleeveless onesie with lace trim at neck and arms. new with tags never worn or tried on. 3.00 ppd
5. 18mo 24 -26 lbs carters sleeveless bubble romper. pink and white large checks. and little flowers on the front. new with tags, never worn or tried on. 10.00
6. 12 mo samara pink and white gingham dress with floral embroidery, white collar 3.00 ppd
7. 18 mo vitamins l/s shirt, buttons up the 'house' print 2.00
8.12 mo disney pink overalls, with marie of the aristocats on the front. 4.00 ppd
9. 2 12mo childrens place s/s onesies. one is lavender the other is light aqua.
2.00 ppd each
10.18 mo swimsuit by class club. built in diaper. shades of blue w/ flowers and ruffle at the waist. 3.00 ppd
11. 24 mo healthtex denim pants with red gingham trim and bug embroidery on leg new with tags. never worn or tried on 4.00 ppd
12. 2T pink 2 pc carters pjs l/s with snaps at the bottom of shirt and top of pants. fish on the front. new without tags, never worn or tried on. 3.00 ppd
13. 18 mo 2 pc carters pjs with s/s pink and white stripe. snaps at the bottom of the shirt and top of the pants. giraffe on the front. new with tags, never worn or tried on. 3.00 ppd
14. 12 mo little me pink tshirt with floral embroidery on the front 3.00 ppd

misc- these might have stains
1. yellow waffle blanket 1.00 ppd
2. white waffle blanket 1.00
3.2 white oval bassinet or moses basket sheet 1.00 ppd each
4. yellow oval bassinet or moses baskey sheet 1.00 ppd
5. navy blue infant head support w/ preemie insert for carseat 2.00 ppd
6. beanie babies 1.00 ppd each, email or pm me for list
7. bag of stuffed animals
8. sheet savers 1.00 ppd each

thanks!!!! email or pm me [email protected]

pictures are available on request

have a great day!!!!

ps. please excuse typos, nak
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