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Tons of mama clothes, shoes, purses - MORE added 3/20 - scrapbooking, journals

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A bunch of pj pants, some t-shirts, some dressy button-downs, some sweaters. S, M, and L. Prices do not include shipping but if you spend $10 I'll pay for shipping If I don't sell this stuff its all going to goodwill but I thought I'd try it here first.

click on forsale sub album

*more added, NWT maternity skirt, HUGE scrapbooking lot, new books and journals!*
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link fixed (I hope!)
I am interested in:

Abercrombie sweater $5 EUC
Abercrombie & Fitch Medium sweater GUC $5

What size is the first one?
Does the med fit like a med?
they're both mediums and they fit like it I think (ie I'm no longer a med post-baby and they don't fit lol)
shoes and bags added
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Hi mama~Could I send you a couple of dollars for that turquoise floral bandana; I really like it

lmk, thanks
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sorry bandanas are gone

more added AGAIN! horray for decluttering
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Is this the right link? I just see pictures of your son and a shelf...
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