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I don't know what else to do because I think I am running on empty.

I work full time + at a fairly stressful job that doesn't pay very well. I go to school full time at a prestigious university that doesn't allow a part-time option (which is just as well because I want tp finish this degree and get a better paying job). My husband works nights after I get home 4 or 5 days a week. We have two kids and a tiny house. I have no comfortoble place to do schoolwork nor do I have any space to make for school work. Our 18 month old still wakes up frequently at night so I end up with very little sleep (between 2 and 5 broken hours every night). I am beyond stressed but the past couple days have been particularly brutal.
This morning started out pleasant - I work six days but this was my one day off and I had my homework plan all ready. After hubby got up we spent a little time with the family and then I said I really needed to get started on homework (he knew this). He wanted to pick up in the kitchen a little bit first - no problem - but then started giving me a really hard time about not putting my dishes away. I do so much around the house and for the boys - I can't be bothered to do my dishes. That is just one thing I try to do but can't. We got into a fight and I just can't focus or concentrate.

This is how my life has been. The tiniest thing sends me into a tailspin and my body starts to hurt, I shake, hyperventilate. Needless to say I haven't touched my homework and it's already almost 4. I am miserable. I don't know what to do.

I just really want to focus on school so I can get my degree but I make a lot more than hubby so I can't quit my job. I have such a huge workload that I can't even take a week or two off for vacation (which kills me because everybody else does, but every time I'm scheduled for vacation something comes up and I can't go). I am depressed because I spend so little time with the kids and when I do it's hardly quality time.

I feel like I'm really going to snap and have to go to the hospital or something - but to be honest, that doesn's even seem so bad because at least I'd get a few days off of work.
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