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too funny...

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I was watching Sex and the City and I started to chuckle -- the girls were all at a baby shower and went outside to escape, and they said "I just saw a woman breastfeeding a baby who was old enough to eat steak" -- lo and behold, that afternoon, me and my babies all ate steak tips at The 99 restaurant -- and we're happily breastfeeding!
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We've had two steak eating nurslings in their time too.
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Last I heard, dead cow doesn't have the natural immunities human milk does, that kids benefit from til their immune systems fully mature--at age 5!
When my son was around 2 yrs old my grandmother walked in while he was nursing and said, "I can't believe you are still nursing that Big Boy!" I quickly said, "Oh, it's OK Granny. It's only been about 5 minutes." (This was also Mother's Day weekend.)
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