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Summer squash, fast grower, no problem, plenty of time

Pumpkins iffy. Baby, small, medium, large, or extra large? Let them grow no matter what, you might not have pumpkins at the "normal" harvest time, but you should still get something before Fall is over. Even if they are a large variety and still green at Halloween, I really like green pumpkins on Halloween, something so cool about that
Also, most of the pumpkin seed packets are aimed for harvest for September, early October (in the midwest), for the markets. So, some of those dates just do not apply to normal gardeners

The only problem with the lettuce and radish seed is that both get bitter and/or hot, very quickly in hot weather. The solution is to harvest both at very young, baby age. Super delicious
Yeah, it's small, but when it's homegrown greens, the flavor difference is so dramatic, the amounts can be smaller, no problem
Then, plant those same crops Mid to end of August for fall harvest at full size
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