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too many diaper bags

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We've been doing a little cleaning and trying to get stuff together to ebay to help pay our plumber...dh declared we have "too many diaper bags!" So we're simplifying.

The first one is made by overland traders (a california company). I love this bag! But dh hates it and having 2 "working" diaper bags just is silly for us, we lose things. And if dh is willing to change dd, I let him dictate the bag, LOL.
first one:
here is a picture
here's another view the "inside" part which is purple in this pic is solid yellow in ours. Doesn't show unless the pocket compartment is open.The tri-fold organizer on the front securely stows keys, pens, checkbook and more. The roomy main compartment and two exterior side pockets hold water bottles and more. long shoulder strap....very comfy with a sling IMO. Rugged cordura. 9" x 9" x 4". I bought for 49 + shipping. Will sell to you for $30 ppd used for about 2 months.

second one is a lands end messenger style diaper bag. There;s no pic on LE's website, but I can take a pic later today if you want. It is black, about 10 x 12 x 4. Soft-sided. Nylon type fabric. There are two main compartments and a couple of smaller pockets. Dh wants one pocket. period. There;s a key loop and a little bottle holder inside, I use that for keeping my diaper wipe bottle securely in there. This bag has been used more, but there is plenty of life left. $20ppd.

third one is a fanny pack made by kelty. I have a pic of this taken and uploaded to my machine here at work. It has a water bottle pocket, key fob, the whole nine yards. Also a shoulder strap. I thought I would love the fanny pack for a diaper bag. Forgot that the fanny pack had to go around my winter coat and my post-partum belly (or rather, not go around all that!). It is black and has sort of a check design. We used this for a week before I got tired of the pack not buckling around all that mass. $10 ppd.

Fourth one is a bag made by me. It is a tote- style bag. Apple green wide-wale corduroy outside, light blue and white striped inside fabric (a ralph lauren upolstery fabric). Two outside pockets for cell phone, sippy cups, etc. And three inside -- two with elastic to hold whatever upright. I haven't put a top closure on the bag, but do have more fabric and a button (I was planning on putting a button closure over the top but hadn't gotten to it yet). the bag measures ~10 x 12 x 6. I'll sell for basically the cost of materials -- $15. I do have more of the inside fabric and the corduroy that I would gladly also sell or make into a little ditty bag or whatever to coordinate too....
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i will do my best to get you the photos later this evening, after we put dd to bed.
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