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Too much fiber? and probably TMI

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I am a carnivore, though I try to only eat meat sparingly. I have recently starting eating beans and rice nearly every day for lunch and I love how I have energy all through the afternoon, however and here is the TMI

My poo is now much bigger and bulkier than before. I am very careful not to strain when going, I go when my body lets me know it is ready, and I drink plenty of water. But I think I have an internal hemorrhoid or maybe a small tear because, yikes there is bright red blood. There is no pain or itching or anything, and I haven't gotten out a hand mirror to investigate yet, but I think maybe my body is not exactly used to having to pass something of that size and it will get better on its own after a week or so. So I don't want to use colace or anything, because I'm not constipated, but I really don't want to have any open tears in that area. So I am not sure what I should do. Is there something I can do to prevent this?
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I have a high-fiber diet (veg, whole foods) and occasionally have the problem you describe. It usually passes, but I find that drinking even more water than usual (and I usually drink a lot) can help.

You can try some Anusol or Prep H on the area to help it heal.
Bulky, yet "fluffy"(not hard) poo is a great thing and just what you want. I doubt a hemorrhoid appeared overnight and I would think it occurred when you were getting less fiber, not more. I would continue consuming more fiber if I were you, and get checked out by a DR. if you believe in that just in case. My DH (who does not get enough fiber at all) has in the past suffered from hemorrhoids that caused so much bleeding that he became anemic because he did nothing about them. He got treatment and his diet has improved a little. He still has flare ups but they aren't nearly as bad.
Yeah, bigger and bulkier is the goal. That means no clogged pipes.

One of the things fiber is supposed to do is kinda "scrape" your insides to clean them, the way hard pet food scrapes their teeth when they chew it. If you aren't used to it, perhaps your insides grew sensitive with the lack of scraping, the way skin that is under protective bandages a long time can grow sensitive.
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