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Too much sun?

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Well, it is hot today where I am again. And it is tempting to take the kids to the pool (I can see the pool from here...) and lie around the deck all day.

But really, how much do you protect yourself from the sun? Is it OK as long as you don't burn - or should I be running for solid shade?
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Fine as long as you don't burn or get dehydrated, but keep in mind that hormones can make you much more sensitive to sunburn.
We spend hours in the sun every day. It's refreshing and tiring and just nice to be in the sun. The beach is awesome, hot and sandy, but ...

Just use your sunscreen and make sure to drink extra water!

Have a blast!
Definately use lots of sunscreen! I used to live in the pool when I was pregnant with dd, I ended up with Chloasma which is from the sun and pregnancy hormones. I looked.. um... horrible. My face was so discolored! So this time, so far so good, no chloasma, I use a sunscreen face cream and I don't go out in the sun like I did before.
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