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Too Nervous to Order! Please critique my plan...

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I want to get my stash going! But when I'm about to order I panic. What if I'm ordering the wrong thing? I don't want to be throwing money away! Ack! Help!

Our baby is due in September. We have no idea how big he will be.

This is what I am thinking...

to start:
18 NB nanipoo flannel fitteds (6 to 12 lbs)
12 Medium (NB) Tiny Tots flannel fitteds (6 to 15 lbs)

as baby grows:
12 Loveybums medium Sherpa fitteds (9 to 22 lbs)
...will need more here...

For covers, I was thinking maybe

4 Newborn Bummis super whisper wraps (do these work with the umbilical cord?)
2-3 Green Earth Newborn covers

For the next size
a couple Loveybums
... need more here ...

So this would be 30 newborn fitteds and 6-7 newborn covers. Enough?
For the next size, I'll definitely need more, but I'm not sure yet of what to get.


I went on the cheaper side for the NB fitteds since it seems they'll be grown out of quick! Does this seem like a workable plan? Are BSWW okay from birth?

I freak out when I go to order and feel like I have no idea what I am doing, (Maybe because I don't!
) so I need some reassurance.

Any suggestions for after the newborn sizes are finished?
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The NB stash looks great and yes, it should be enough.
I don't know about the BSWW, someone else will have to let you know about that. I used Dappi pull on's and they were great (and cheap!) Good luck and Congrats!
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Well, just looking briefly at your list, i'd reccomend getting some small covers too...
I got 3 newborn prowraps from a swap, and they didn't fit over my kissaluvs size 0 AT ALL..
My lil guy was huge though, 9lbs 5ozs....but he had the kls on a inner snap setting...

So you may actually need a small to fit over the fitteds if your baby is somewhat large, or the diapers are bulky...

I think with my next babe, i'll get some preemie prefolds and newborn covers, but make sure to have small covers for fitteds...

I don't think a infant sized prefold or a fitted would fit under a newborn cover with a baby anywhere near as large as mine was. he was LONG too, not just chubby...

I ended up using my bumpy smalls (which are a bit bigger than other brands IMHO) and just tucking down the rise a little. Bumpy was a great cover for a newborn I think, because of the large pad of velcro over the tummy that allowed me to adjust the rise a little bit....

Thats just been my experience though
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flannel would have never worked for us in the beginning. It depends on if you have a power wetter or not. We also had problems using anything other than wool for covers (he ended up with rashes) I started out with Bumpy wool covers in the early days.

I would suggest maybe going for some hemp flats for the early days...then you can always use them for doublers later on.

I'd be careful about going with lots of one type because you may find that they don't work well for you. I'm not a fan of prefolds at all or I would suggest maybe getting some.
Take my advice with a grain of salt, I didn't start CD'ing until ds was 4 months old.

Do you have any prefolds yet? Even if you decide you hate them as diapers, they're great changing pads, burp cloths, and my all time favorite, to sleep on so I don't soak the bed. Personally, I wouldn't get that many NB fitteds since I'm more of a prefold gal right now (plus we don't have any extra money), or at least that many of one kind. I've also heard that babies usually grow out of the NB size within a few months, so it might not hurt to get some small and medium stuff right now. I've heard Proraps are also good for newborns, but again, no experience here. I do like my Bummi's cover, but my only concern would be waking up baby with the 'riiiiip' sound of velcro at 3am.

Do you have a plan of attack for if/when baby starts sleeping though the night? Then there's the issue of finding out how your baby wets (heavy/moderate/light) after they're born.

But other than that, I think your amount of diapers and covers will work.
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I wouldnt buy anything for the next size up yet. You never know what you might like and what you wont like and you might find that what you thought you would love you didnt and want something else for the middle stage. 30 diapers is definitly enough but you will probably want closer to 12 covers. Try proraps covers -- they have leg gussets to help contain bf poop, bummis dont.

If you are worried about spending a lot on fitteds that are outgrown quickly try looking for contours. They are much less expensive but as absorbant as a fitted and much easier to deal with than a CPF. We used only contours for the first 5 months and were really happy with them.

Good luck!
i'm gonna split the playing field here on the "next size up" issue.

Buy a couple in the next size up, and then see what works for you...but have a couple handy incase your lil guy/gal just doesn't FIT into diapers they wore yesterday. it happened to me on the small/med front!

I second prefolds, good for those emergency dipe issues, or to let baby's tush air out (a snappied prefold), as burps (we used the premiums when he was in infant size, and now are using infants since he wears premiums) extra inserts if you do pocket dipes, incase of sudden growthspurts..etc.

I say get atleast a dozen good quality prefolds for burps alone...they beat anything else hands down!
Thanks for all your responses. I will add some prefolds to the list to be used as extra dipes and for all those other useful purposes! And a snappi or two... just in case.

We're planning on sticking to fitteds and covers to start and seeing how that goes. I'm expecting that my babe will be out of these NB dipes within 4 weeks, which is why I'm going with the cheaper flannel. The reviews for these dipes seemed pretty reasonable, so I'm willing to take a chance. The Loveybums sherpas should fit within a couple of weeks and will be more absorbent! They were just a bit expensive for me to stock up on the NB size.

So you all think I should wait on the smalls? From what I've read, babe could be out of the NBs quickly (like in a few weeks), especially if he is on the large size, so I was thinking I should have my NB stash and then most of a small stash just in case.

I'm trying to stick to a few types of dipes because it just gets too confusing for me otherwise. I realize this plan could backfire, but I'm hoping for the best!

Do you have a plan of attack for if/when baby starts sleeping though the night?
lmonter, Oh no! A whole 'nother ball game to consider! I'm guessing I'll have a month or two at the very least to think about this when babe is born.

Man! Diapers are hard!
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Originally Posted by SiValleySteph
lmonter, Oh no! A whole 'nother ball game to consider! I'm guessing I'll have a month or two at the very least to think about this when babe is born.

Man! Diapers are hard!
Heehee... wait till labor...
Diapers will seem like a piece of cake then.

I really didn't mean to scare you. It's just another thing to think about.
It took me a good 2 months to find what I wanted and what worked for ds. Currently we're using an older style FB stuffed with 2 Joey Bunz and 1 Ducky Buns boy inserts. Before I got my hands on the FB we were using a SP 2 with tons of inserts, and usually had to change ds right at 6am. You'll figure out what you want and what works for you though.
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Personally -- I wouldn't buy hardly anything new for a newborn. Like other people have said, they shoot through that size so fast. If I were you I'd check out the diaper TP. There are usually a lot of NB dipes that come up. Also, with both my kids, I only had 4 cheap covers that I used. And, they were both out of them really early -- DS at 1.5 weeks and DD at 3 weeks. They were both just about 7lbs when born, which is not gigantic by any means. I was so happy to buy used, because I saved sooo much money for something in such new condition. And... I do think it's harder to sell newborn stuff, because so many women decide to spend big bucks buying brand new for their baby.

You could even post an ISO thread to find just what you need. Say you want fitteds and covers with umbilical stump cut out... you'll probably be amazed at the quality, styles to choose from and prices MDC mamas can offer you. It might take a few days, but you could get your stash for MUCH cheaper AND try more things that way.
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Oooh, I agree with Claire.

I keep forgetting about that because I don't go over to the TP anymore otherwise I'll be tempted to buy something.
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