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Hi all -

I've been feeling pretty irritable, exhausted, and stressed. I have two little ones 4 yo dd and 2 yo ds. I took the test in the stickys here and scored pretty high.

I have a history of depression. I took meds for a year once. It helped me 'get out of it' but I really disliked the side effects. (I think it was effexor and welbutrin). Meds are not an option for me at this time. I don't want to be on meds. Thus the post - I'm looking for natural remedies I can do on my own.

I've read a lot of the posts on this thread but its hard to get through. I read on one thread that the Mood Cure book is great so I ordered that from Amazon... looking forward to get that.

So my question! (Finally

What can I do on my own?
I've been trying to get to the gym 4 times per week which really helps. But I pulled my back so I'm a bit off schedule. I also know I 'need' to do better with my diet. I tend to skip meals and I'm hungry all the time (i have 20 extra pounds to loose). So I'm trying to eat every few hours and to keep the sugar out.

In terms of supplements -
It sounds like it would be great to go to a nutritionist or naturopath.. but I can't swing that at the moment (i'm trying to address my back issues which is taking a lot of my time).
Would you guys recommend starting with
magnesium and Inositol?

I'd love to know what you all think.

Many thanks!

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Hey Cari!

I'm so glad you are looking into the natural route to get back to feeling great again.

Pharma meds can be addictive and dangerous.

I have a supplement list that I have been taking as well as my husband, mother, and multiple friends that I got interested.

We have all seen HUGE improvement in our lives... I have my story with the listed supplements here.

PM me if you have any questions, not sure when I will be back on here.

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