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tooth pain

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I have a toothache. It's not that bad, just a mild ache when I bite or when I jump or walk to hard. This tooth is always sensitive to sweets and I've had mild pain in it before. Around 7 or 8 years ago, I knew for sure I had a cavity in it, but the dentist came to the decision that it just is because I clinch my teeth when stressed and it takes most of the pressure from that. And so I have been aware of the clinching and soreness since and it does become sore when I'm stressed and clinching. Last year, I again decided I had a cavity because there was pain there (not mild soreness), but it turned out I had my first and only sinus infection. The pain went away when the sinus infection cleared up. It's been sore again for the past week. Quite a lot has happened lately. I had a miscarriage, got a cold, and started having multiple sclerosis symptoms again that I had not had since before I was pregnant with DS. I have noticed that I am clinching my jaw again and haven't gotten fully over the cold yet. But I'm worried about this tooth still. The surface isn't as shiney feeling as the others. Could be I'm just paranoid. Should I go to the doctor to see if I have a sinus infection? Or to the dentist to see if the tooth is okay? Or just do some yoga to try to relax? I've read through a lot of archives and chewed on a clove to try to make it a little less sore. Was that ever strong. I still feel something when I step to hard.
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I'm thinking I have a sinus infection. I started getting dizzy earlier today and now it is horrible. I'm going up the stairs on all fours it's so bad. And my vision is getting kind of weird. Because of the dental archives I've been reading, I am thinking about switching to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth because of this tooth always being the most sensitive, but maybe if I go to the dentist, I would just be crying wolf again. The small pain that I was having while walking is growing to cover the cheek bone. I figured it out and it's 2 weeks since I initially got the cold.
Silly question for you SmileMomma. Am I the only goof who goes to the dentist knowing they have a cavity when they are actually stressed out or have a sinus infection? Surely others do this to, right?
Glad to know I've got company. Thanks for the answers SmileMomma!
Hi Smilemomma. Do you remember this? Well, I started wondering again because I cannot get the sinus/tooth thing to go away. I either have a toothache or a headache almost always. Went to the local GP, but he gave me something like tylenol and that's it. He wanted to give me decongestants, but I'm nursing. Guess he just didn't want to do anti-biotics yet and he was a bit irritated because of the nursing limitations. Talked to the dentist here last week and she gave me a prescription to have a dental x-ray done. It's the panoramic view type, not the close-up kind that you bite the film. Since AF's here (TTC again), I had the x-ray done today. So I'm coming to you because I will not be able to go see the dentist until the end of next week. I have spent over two hours on the net looking at dental x-rays and have figured out a small few things. I know I have some serious calculus problems (it's been at least five years since a cleaning -- I brush a lot and well, but I guess not good enough). I don't see dark areas, but some of the time it's hard for me to tell when they are pointed out in pictures. I haven't found anything at all on what got me starting to look though. Once I had the x-rays, I thought that I would check out the tooth I'm worried about. It's root looks like someone tried erasing it. It's a blurred, white spot at the very base of the root instead of the roots that I see on the others (although the white stuff does go a little into the adjoining teeth). In the pictures I've seen showing hopeless teeth, the roots are blackened, not whitened. What does a white spot on a root mean? Thanks, Tiff
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