We've found some gifts that are sure to make our children's hearts burst!
Valentine's Day can be such a fun day to think about how lucky we are to have our loved ones, and to celebrate love in all its shapes, sizes and forms. Kids love the whimsy of Valentine's Day, and we've found some fun gifts that are sure to make their hearts burst!

We don't do too much for Valentine's Day in our house because we really try to stay away from the commercialization that seems to run rampant at this time of year! That said, my boy loves the fun of Valentine's Day and the cards, candies and little trinkets that always seem to pop up as Valentine's gifts. Here are some favorites we bet your kiddos will love too!

1. Lego Valentine Bee BrickHeadz

Nothing says, "I love you!" to my son much like new Legos do! He loves them, and loves all the holiday editions! Each season, we pull them out again and build them and display as part of our holiday decorations and he loves his work being displayed. I love that Legos build his brain and get it working in ways that really translate to reading and writing skills, so it's a total win-win. Love!

2. Melissa and Dough Sweethearts Wooden Bead Set

This set is so much fun, and because it's Melissa and Doug, you know it's made well and to last! Kiddos can create their own jewelry gifts with the materials included for five, or they can just enjoy making a little something for themselves too. Great for fine motor coordination skills!

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3. Your Decor Water Bottle Decorating Kit

We refuse to buy bottled water anymore. We have an excellent water filter system and cannot justify adding more waste to the environment. We use reusable water bottles, and this Water Bottle Decorating Kit has become a favorite gift to give because it works to protect the environment while giving your child an opportunity to creatively use imagination to design and decorate their own water bottle!

4. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

I am not creative at all, but my son loves arts and crafts, so I try to encourage that as much as I can. This light-up tracing pad is awesome because it lets everyone become an artist and create regardless of talent level (or in my case, lack thereof!). Hours of artistic fun in store!

5. Crayola Sketch And Detail Dual-Tip Markers

These markers are amazing! Their colors are vivid and for kids who are just learning about the art of different penmanship styles, their ability for calligraphy is so cool. They come in a nifty tin for traveling, and though it says it's a professional kit, your kiddo will love how officially artist they feel, and all for such a reasonable price!

6. Petals The Unicorn

So it's pretty much a given that a unicorn makes everything better! Full of magic and wonder, this super soft lovey is sure to be a hit, and every squeeze will remind your littles of how much they are loved! Manhattan Toys makes sure all their toys meet strict international standards, so you can rest easy too!

7. Eco-Kids Dough

We love this dough! First introduced at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2008, this awesome dough uses basic, all natural ingredients from plants, fruits and vegetables to create this amazing and pliable dough. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the non-toxicity of the ingredients lets you enjoy the hours of screen-free play time too!

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8. Hape Wooden Doctor Kit

We love Hape products, and this wooden doctor kit will help your littles keep all the hearts in check and healthy. Encourages role-playing and story-telling development and allows your kiddos to come to the rescue of pets, people or anything/one they want! All Hape toys are non-toxic and meet strict international safety standards (why we love them!) and this kit has seven pieces for it's compact carrying case! The doctor is in!

9. Mirari Juballees

These little balls define 'back-to-basic' while capturing the attention and interest of little ones every where! Mirari is the Latin word for 'wonder' and 'amaze' and these balls give them a delightful playtime with simple design and brilliant color. Imgaine that, not a ton of unnecessary functions and still innovative and stimulating fun!

10. Valentine's Day Jokes For Kids

Knock, Knock! Who's There? Peas. Peas who? Peas won't you be my Valentine?! Yep, just the type of corny joke kids find hilarious and crack up over and this fun little book is full of them! We warn you though, you'll find yourself giggling with them becuase let's face it--Valentine's cheese is what it's all about!