These are the top 10 Montessori toys for summer kids will love all year long!
Looking for ways to fill those hazy, lazy days full of fun-in-the-sun activities and adventures that really cater to your kiddos' brains too? We found the top 10 Montessori toys for summer to fill your child's calendar with good old-fashioned entertainment, creativity, imagination and most importantly, fun.

When I decided to go to graduate school to be a teacher, I knew I didn't necessarily want to be a 'traditional' classroom teacher. I was the product of Montessori classrooms and I loved the peace and calm that they brought to my life, mainly because peace and calm are not two of the first adjectives one thinks of when they think of me. But that's precisely why I loved everything about Maria Montessori and her methodology. I craved the creativity and personal goal-setting that a Montessori classroom gave, and the inspiration for kids to be and create and take personal responsibility in their learning and fun. That's exactly what I wanted to give my students as a teacher. I became Montessori-certified and now as a parent, employ many 'Montessorian' values and ideals when raising my son.

Particularly when it comes to toys and his activities. I admit; I love the benefits of technology that make life easier. Because of technology, I have a job I love and as a military family, we have the opportunity to stay in touch with many people we love too. But I don't love how technology can sometimes take away from the creativity and imaginative aspects of growing up kids miss out on--sort of a 'they see the forest, but miss the trees' kind of mentality.

That's why I've always tried to have toys that inspired my son's creativity and imagination, and Montessori toys have always fit the bill. We've talked to a lot of moms who feel the same, and discussed how summer brings different challenges these days as parents: "What will our kids do?" Again, Montessori toys to the rescue! Check out our favorite Montessori toys for summer, and get ready for days your kids will beg you to redo because they were so much fun.

Top 10 Montessori Toys For Summer

1. Trampoline WaterPark Pick

This water park pick is a great Montessori toy for summerDoes your kiddo love to spend hours on the trampoline but the summer heat brings that to a screeching halt? This waterpark pick is a perfect solution. No kid will want to stay indoors and sit around when they can be outside bouncing and playing in their very own personal water park. It fits trampolines with net enclosures of various sizes and then you hook the hose up to let the fun begin. We often put our plants that may need some extra TLC in the heat around so we can water them as well and it's a great way to guarantee your kids will get some epic exercise and work on motor skills while they play.

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2. Garden Tool and Activity Set

KidExploria's garden kit is a great Montessori toy for summer gardening

There is nothing better than planting and harvesting your own home-grown foods and flowers and this garden and toolset from KidExploria is an excellent starter to get that love of gardening growing. It has three hand garden tools that are perfectly sized for little ones and they're made of quality metal to really work. The National Geographic Seed-to-Plant book is a great educational tool to accompany, and the set has two mini-planters that vary in fruit and vegetable so your kiddos will be able to plant and then watch grow themselves. We love that the kit also has a rock decorating kit so they can pretty up the environment and garden too.

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3. Tinkering Labs Electric Motoring Catalyst Kit

This is a great Montessori toy for summer tinkerers

Holy cow do we love this Electric Motoring Catalyst Kit from Tinkering Labs. Actually, we love everything from Tinkering Labs because they inspire exactly what we want for our children: for them to use their imagination and creativity and just go wild with possibility and opportunity. Just like many Montessori classes have tinkering stations, this Kit offers a portable one for your child. It's built for 8- to 12-year-olds (though many six- and seven-year-olds probably would get a kick out of starting to tinker) and it gives them endless creation opportunities inside a single kit. It's robotics for kids, but on their terms--whatever their minds can imagine and create using the over 50 parts and pieces anyway they want. It comes with challenge cards, wood, electric motors and so much more to get your young tinkerer's mind going and going for hours on end.

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4. Rainbow Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden is a great Montessori toy for summer butterfly catching

This BRAIN TOY award-winning kit is super adorable and so great for your toddler/preschooler. It's a kit of colorful butterflies--that's all they know. What they don't know is that when they go butterfly catching or playing, they'll be working on concepts like counting, patterning, adding, subtracting and fine motor skills too. Kids can build sorting flower shapes with the interlocking petal containers and they can be used outside on sunny days or indoors for summer storms.

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5. Fiesta Cruise Sand And Water Table

Step 2's Water Table will have kids playing with their imagination for hours

There is nothing more fun for kiddos than to play in water and watch things spin, tumble and splash. That's why we love the Step 2 Fiesta Cruise table. Yes, you can use it for both water and sand, but pro mama tip: just use it for water because wet sand is great to play in but you might find you're better off with a separate sand table--we'll share our favorite sand table next! We love this one because it has several accessories and an umbrella, which is pretty important for shade on those hot summer days!

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6. Children's Factory Sand and Sensory Table

A sand and sensory table is a great Montessori toy for summer

We like separate tables because too often with a double sand/water table, mamas find themselves replacing sand over and over as it gets wet and in the water part of a table. That's why we love this sand/sensory table. It's got a lid so you can keep the sand clean and dry for play after play and if sand isn't your kid's gig, you can put all sorts of different things in for summer fun. Squishy foam, beads, cotton, rice...whatever it is that feeds their sensory diet, you can use this table for years. We also love the little accessories from HABA that make sand play even more fun!

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7. Bubble Thing Giant Bubble Wand

This bubble wand is a great montessori toy for summer

It seems so basic, doesn't it? Bubbles keeping kids busy for hours? And yet, that's exactly what the Bubble Thing Giant Bubble Wand (and mix) does. It was created in 1985 by an architect, David Stein, and it keeps kids having fun for what feels like ever because they are building tunnels and globes, double bubbles and more. Huge ones, at that. Go ahead, see if you aren't begging your child for a turn yourself!

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8. Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars

Kids will play on these monkey bars for hours

These really are easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy to put together and your kids will have tons of fun climbing, swinging and enjoying old-school monkey bars. Best for kiddos between the ages of three and eight, these bars will hold 150 pounds of kids having fun. The interlocking tubes and connectors have locking springs that keep it sturdy and durable and mamas rave about how easy it is to use indoors and out. Perfect for summer when you're not quite sure what the weather may be, but want to have fun anyway!

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9. Hamster Clan Game

This Hamster Clan game gives cooperative play a new meaning

And because there are some summer days where you just want to (or need to due to weather) hang out inside and chill with board games and books, we love this cooperative play game from HABA. It is a 1-4 player game that has moving elements and works on cooperating together to network through needs and wants of the 'hamsters.' Your kids will work together to items before the winter comes, and then figure out how to get back there when it's time to get to it. The goal is to collect all the food before the winter, so it's perfect for summer since that's pretty much what we do with summer food and fun. Most importantly, your kids will be playing and working together for community success instead of arguing over what to do since it's raining outside!

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10. Terra Kids Hand Glider

The Terra Glider teaches kids about aerodynamics and physics

Montessori builds on the premise that basic builds brains (Harvard thinks so too!) and that's exactly what gliders do while kids don't even know it. And this is not your typical glider. HABA creates everything with care and precision and purpose for your child's imagination to soar and there is endless aviation fun with this glider. Kids love sending it off and seeing how far they can get it to go, and it's the best.thing.ever to have glider contests. Older kids can look into the physics behind why it's so aerodynamic and all will have fun in the building and putting together.

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