Here are some of our favorite gifts for Baby's first Christmas!
It's baby's first Christmas, and you can't imagine anything sweeter! But what do you get your sweet one for their very first holiday season? Here are our top picks!

This wooden teether phone will be a great gift for Baby's first Christmas
1. Wood Toy Phone

It seems like whether you like it or not, your little one is reaching for your phone! Here's a safe, hand-made and non-toxic wooden toy phone that will help ease teething woes and let your little feel like a big kid at the same time!

This etsy gift set will be soft and luxurious for baby
2. Little Sprout Baby Gift Set

We adore this Little Sprout set! It has no harsh pesticides, dyes or chemicals in it and is super soft for that oh-so-new baby skin! You'll love this set with hat, teether, burp cloth, washcloth and body suit full of foxy adorableness!

Bath toys for Baby's first Christmas will be safe!
3. BeginAgain Bathtub Toys

These eco-friendly bathtub toys are going to be a hit with your little one in the tub and/or splash pool! They are made from heavy duty plant-based natural rubber and have not phthalates, lead or BPA. Best, they drain easily when done, so no concerns about mold growth -- just tons of water fun!

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Thise Hape musical toy is toxin free
4. Hape Pound and Tap Bench and SlideOut

You may have a baby whose first birthday is right around the corner, so you're looking for some age-appropriate toys. We love Hape, and we love this musical Tap Bench and slide out! It helps your little one with music development and audio recognition, and it's non-toxic and brightly colored. Perfect for your little one to unwrap and get right to playing!

This blanket is made by a military WAHM
5. Hello Most Beautiful Girl Blanket

We love this WAHM company, and all their amazing products! Soft, luxurious and CSPC compliant children's wear, Devilishly Detailed truly does have all the details down. This gorgeous blanket will be the talk of baby's nursery, and a keepsake for her whole life! Check out her other stuff too - everything makes a great gift!

These nontoxic crayons are made from New Zealand Beeswax
6. Honey Sticks Non-toxic Beeswax Crayons

This may be your little's first Christmas, but she may be ready for some colors! These crayons are made with 100% New Zealand beeswax and are safe for infants, toddlers and all-ages, really! They are shaped for little hands and are from a sustainable process that makes a minimal impact on the environment. Get ready for some gorgeous art!

7. Baby's First Christmas Art

We love that you can digitize your baby's footprint into this awesome art that will be a Christmas keepsake you'll pull out year after year. The details of the sweet day your little came into the world are listed, with his footprint for a legacy gift you'll cherish forever.

Dr. Bronner's gift sets are perfict for Baby's first

8. Dr. Bronner's Unscented Gift Set

More and more, our littles are being diagnosed with skin conditions. One of our favorite skincare companies is Dr. Bronner's. Unscented, sustainable, non-toxic, organic and vegan, these products are safe for baby and that delicate skin. Reasonably priced and completely committed to your family's health, Dr. Bronner's products can be trusted with that precious cargo!

This Montessori bag will be great for baby's intro to montessori
9. Montessori Toy Bag

We can't get enough of this toy bag! There's an adorable peg family, a teether and a sensory grasp ring that will keep your wee one happy. They're chemical-free and they come in a cotton bag for easy on-the-go playtime. Love!

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Swarovski always makes a great gift for Baby's first!
10. Swarovski Baby's First Christmas

Some of the most precious gifts I've ever been given were Christmas ornaments before my children were born. We now hang them every year, and each year, I tell my son about his ornaments. One day, I'll pass them on to him and his family, and I hope they'll be just as loved. We love Swarovski's crystal and legacy, and know it'll be a gift you look forward to seeing year after year!