We've gathered some of our must-haves to help fight back against Jack Frost!
Baby, it's cold outside! Winter can take its toll on us, but we've gathered some of our must-haves to help fight back against Jack Frost!

We moved to Maryland this year. I knew it was coming; we are a military family and it was time. But I dreaded the winter after living in sunny Florida for the last several years! I had to arm myself to make it through, and we've gathered a list of some must-haves so you can make it through too!

1. Star Wars Nature Boots by Clarks

I have been a Clarks fan for decades, literally. I have small feet, and they have tons of fashionable, comfortable, size-5 shoes! But these boots! Their newly released Women's Nature Rey boots are awesome! They have quickly become an everyday must have for mom life, and I won't lie when I say I the 'Resistance' symbol, makes me feel pretty badass too! Comfy, and oh-so-soft inside, you'll want to wear these year-round!

2. GreenGlove Floor Dryer

Welcome to your new best friend! Finding mittens and gloves after a day in the snow is a nightmare, and I hate running the dryer for a couple of gloves. Enter the eco-friendly floor-dryer. You can stick that baby over a heat registry/vent in your house, and it dries the gloves pronto without wasting a single bit of electricity! Magic!

3. Unicorn Body Butter

The winter days are cold and the air is harsh on our skin! This organic body butter is amazingly moisturizing, and I'm pretty sure it's the unicorn magic that makes your skin so soft and smooth. It uses vegan mica for coloring and feels fabulous after long days of frigid air!

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Lotion bars are perfect for winter hands!
4. Lotion Bar

Lotion bars are the best for moisturizing dry skin wherever you are! Small and easy to tote along, a few rubs in the palm with these Simplified bars will make your skin feel new again. There are several variations from which to choose, but I love the Frankincense and Myrhh because of all the anti-aging properties for my hands!

5. Organic Poncho

It's hard to look and feel like a human when all you want to do in the winter is wear leggings and fleece to stay warm. That's why we love this 5-way poncho made by a small, family-run business in Nevada. It's adorable and warm, and can be worn five different ways so you can be stylish and snuggly as you run winter errands!

6.Wool Socks

If you didn't already know, the secret to keeping feet warm in the winter is making sure you have good socks! That's why we love these soft, cozy wool-blend socks. They're in beautiful coloring, and that's a bonus, but they'll keep your tootsies nice and warm when those cold winter days nip at them!

Unicorn body butter is a must have for winter
7. Organic Paw Nectar

The winter ground is hard for pets, and we don't want to forget our fur-babies! Salt, rocks and other snow ground-treatments can inflame their paw pads, and feel uncomfortable too. This organic paw nectar can be easily applied to their paws for protection, and helps heal and restore damage already done. It's like lotion bars for pups!

8. Organic Balaclava

It's important to keep baby's head nice and warm so she doesn't lose body heat when out and about. We love these organic merino wool Balaclavas for protection! The soft merino wool is comfy around baby's face, and the lanolin keeps all blustery moisture from wicking and making your little one even colder. Stretchy enough to put over baby's head easily (no, really!) it's an easy and adorable way to ensure your little is snugly protected from the cold.

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9. Nova Mountain Snow Boots

If your little one's feet are cold, chances are, the rest of him will be too, and that's not good for long days of winter break play! We love how warm these Nova snow boots keep feet, and at a reasonable price. Geared for temps as low as -32 (brrrrr!!!!), they're easy on and off, and perfect protection for those adorable little piggies!

The Nugeni VacPac+ Is a must have for winter
10. Nugeni Cordless All-In-One Vac Pack

This cordless handheld vacuum is simply amazing. Small, light and easy to take everywhere, it makes cleaning up after all the dirt and mess winter brings inside with it a breeze. It has a dual layer allergy filtration system (imperative for us and our allergies) and the dustbin empties easily into my trash. It is little, but powerful, and in my house, gets used at least 14 times a day!