These are the top 10 natural cosmetic products you must have
More than ever, 'natural' cosmetic products are hitting the market, promising to be cleaner and greener and better for our skin. The thing is, though, that also brings about a lot of greenwashing, and companies with marketers who want to exploit your efforts to use clean products from awesome companies. Fret not--we've found the Top 10 Natural Cosmetic Products you have to have, and we think you're gonna love them!

Greenwashing is more rampant than ever, so we have to really read ingredient lists--even (or especially) from 'natural' companies. Nothing boils me more than to hear a company tout how 'safe' it is, only to read the ingredients and see the junk they expect me to put in my body. No thanks--instead, I'll stick with these sustainable, committed and clean companies' products!

Natural cosmetic products include lip balm

1. Mongo Kiss Lip Balm by EcoLips

As if this was not the best lip balm on the planet, we'd love it simply because the company is so darned happy and loving! No, seriously, they're all about loving the earth and loving their fellow human. All their products are made with wind power offsets, fair trade, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients and they were the first organic lip balm to hit the market. They use responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients from all over the world. Mostly, though? The lip balm makes your lips feel like silk. I have a reaction to just.about.everything--even other organic lip balms--but this stuff is a never-leave-without-two-tubes product that makes my lips soft and smooth for days. Great for stocking stuffers, little 'love you, girl' gifts for friends or just anyone with lips!

This cream is a great natural cosmetic product

2. Boswellia Wrinkle Cream by Young Living

We love the Boswellia Wrinkle Cream from Young Living. Yes, we know, it's technically from an MLM company but A) that's not always a terrible thing and B) odds are you know someone or are someone who can grab this stuff wholesale. And you'll want to because it really smooths skin out and moisturizes your skin like few moisturizers we've found. While the price tag may seem hefty, this is one of those creams where a little goes a looooooong way, and it really does make your entire face feel like it just took a bath in Heaven. Made with Frankincense and Sandalwood, it helps minimize fine lines as well, but trust us with the way your face will feel, that's just an added bonus!

This natural cosmetic product will leave you bright eyed

3. Prim and Pure Eye Firming Serum Stick

You know how that undereye skin looks thinner and thinner, dryer and dryer each day? And with that comes you looking more and more tired and worn? Guess what? Here's the answer! The Eye Firming Serum Stick from Prim and Pure is full of nothing but clean, organic ingredients and it makes your eyes look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning! Every time I use it, I instantly see tauter under-eye skin and just a brighter appearance overall thanks to the moisturization. Use it for those fine lines around your mouth and the angry elevens too--they'll thank you!

Crunchi mascara is a natural cosmetic product

4. Crunchi Mascara

We love all things Crunchi because we love their mission. They're a group of dynamic women that wanted safer ingredients in cosmetics, and they work hard to educate their customers about the importance of clean products. That's why I love this mascara. People don't often pay attention to their mascara EWG rating, thinking it's lashes and not systemic like skin. Hello--it's only your EYES that you're completely okay with putting harmful ingredients near daily if you don't pay attention. Crunchi mascara means you don't have to sacrfice effective for safer, and their green tea fiber really does help lashes look long and lush--all while being clean as a whistle when it comes to whats in it!

vapour is a great natural cosmetic product

5. Atmosphere Luminous Foundation by Vapour

Normally, when a product suggest letting 'a beauty expert hook me up,' I laugh. Because I have a pretty unique skin shade--I'm cool or warm, depending on the light, day and what I had for breakfast. I either look too orangey or too yellow, and for that reason alone, I typically don't even wear foundation; just a tinted moisturizer to give a little coverage. But sometime's a gal's gotta get her face on and so it's nice to have a foundation. I took the plunge and let Vapour's beauty expert ask me a few questions, and sent a pic so they could look. They sent back a customized selection of products they thought would match and guess what? They were right! I love them, and I love that they're clean and light on my face. Because I can't get anywhere to actually try a product, the sample kit for $15 won me over!

This turmeric stick is a great natural cosmetic product

6. Turmeric Spot Treatment by CocoKind

We love this eco-friendly company that looks to empower women--and we LOVE their products. OUr all-time fave? The turmeric spot treatment! You know how you have that uneven skin tone? Freckles, sun spots, acne scars, whatever...this will be your skin's new best friend in combating that! It's made of nothing but good stuff for your skin and helps ward off acne and fight hyperpigmentation and inflammation at the same time. Pretty.freaking.awesome.

This natural cosmetic product is a great toner

7. CoQ-10 Toner by IndieLee

After washing your face and before putting the moisturizer on, you're gonna want to rebalance your skin's pH level with this deliciousness. It's alcohol free and formulated with CoQ-10 and Sage--leaving your skin primed and protected from everything the day is going to throw at it. We love their transparency and education!

love the names on this natural cosmetic product

8. Satin Cream Lip Crayon by Ilia

Holy lipsmacking, Batman! This lip crayon is pretty fantabulous, and that's coming from a gal who has super sensitive lips. Honestly, there may be one or two lipsticks on the planet I can use without my skin breaking out and guess what? This is one of them. Clean ingredients for even the most senstive of skins, it's perfect for popping on while in the car line, the checkout line or the line for the bathroom at your favorite singer's concert. And, even though it's satiny, it doesn't bleed! Plus get a load of those names! (My favorite is Walk This Way!)

This CC cream is a great natural cosmetic product

9. Stem Cellular CC Cream by Juice Beauty

Like I said, most days, I use a tinted moisturizer or color correcting cream and hit the door running. But like I also said, I don't have an easy skin tone to match. That's why the Stem Cellular CC Cream by Juice Beauty rocks. Their tones magically match easier than I ever find, and honestly bring a glow to my face, even when I'm beat. There are no artificial dyes, it has non-nano particle sunscreen (and that's essential daily!) and is a clean way to go about your day looking fresh and clean--kind of that, "Wow, you look GREAT for no makeup!" look!

Salty Girl is a great natural cosmetic product

10. Stephanie Multi-Stick by Salty Girl

A pair of sisters came up with this company when one sister (Sarah) learned she had breast cancer at 36 (while also 32 weeks pregnant). Leah, her sister was an oncology nurse, and the pair decided to focus on their bodies and what toxins they could eliminate. Sarah's hair fell out during chemo, and she relied on scarves and salty lipstick colors to keep who she was going. That's when the sisters figured they could create products that would do that for all women, safely, and Salty Girl was born. We love the mulit-stick for the best, easiest and fastest cheek color EVER!