As more women over the age of 40 are having babies, 'older moms' are a new mothering trend. Here are ten reasons being an older mom rocks.

I am an 'older mom.' At 45, I can easily be the parent of the parents to my 7-year-old son's peers. In fact, there are often times I'll be at a school function of his and think, "Woah. I am old."

But then I look in the mirror and my calendar and my life and think, "Nah...I'm not *that* old!" Besides, though it took a long time to finally be able to call myself mama (and not an easy road, let me tell you), there are some perks to being 'seasoned' in life when it comes to motherhood. Here are my top ten reasons being an older mom rocks.

Older moms don't have damns to give


1. I just don't have as many 'damns' to give.

Honestly, so many of the things that bothered me when I was younger and to adulting, shall we say, are not even glitches on my 'care' radar. Can't find a uniform for school presentation? Meh, who cares? I pay a ton of money for him to go that school anyway. Neighbor down the street thinks I'm judgy? Hey, good on her. She's probably right, and I'm most likely judging her too. Honestly, I'm not saying I don't care about things; I'm just saying the things I care about have been filtered out through the years and I'm at the really important stuff now!

2. Mo' Money, Mo' Money.

No, we aren't rich, but I gotta tell you. I'm at the age and stage in life where I pretty much throw money at whatever needs to happen. School needs an auction basket? Yep, here's a check. Class needs party supplies? Here's a check. PTA wrapping paper contest or Boy Scout Popcorn selling happening? Yep, check, check and more checks! (Or Venmo/Paypal because I may be old but I know how to digitally spend money too!) Being older and more established in life gives me a lot more room to make things happen by paying for them, and frankly, this old body isn't ashamed to admit that.

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3. I don't have to pretend to like stuff I don't really like.

Though sometimes it stings a bit when a younger mom will ask me questions like, "You know what it's like to not have the Internet? What was AOL dial-up like?" I have to admit that it's easier and easier for me to speak my mind with young moms. I find myself saying a lot of, "Y'all go ahead on and do that. I don't really want to." In my 20s and even in my 30s? I'd find myself doing things I didn't like to please people. Now? I worry about pleasing my family and myself and if anyone else is happy in the process? Bonus!

4. I know what matters.

Now, now...I'm not saying that young whipper-snapper mamas don't know what matters. Of course they do. I'm just saying that I know more. Just kidding (sorta). I know what delayed gratification feels like when it comes to finally being able to hold your dream come true. I know what a coffin holding one of my children looks like, and I know how that vision colors every.little.thing in my life. While life experience certainly doesn't preclude one from having perspective about things that matter in life, I'll say the experiences older moms often face and have lived through definitely spin light on things differently.

5. I'm smarter.

You know that saying, "If I only knew then what I know now?" Yeah, well older moms sort of get to live it. We know a looooot of stuff by the time we finally are moms, and we get to use that wisdom and knowledge to best benefit our little ones. There have been lots of advances in many different arenas of motherhood since many of my peers had little ones, and I constantly hear, "Wow. They didn't have that when we were raising Junior." No, no they didn't, and it's fabulous. Also, I can afford it now too!

Sex is better as an older mom


6. Sex is better.

As if finding time for sexy-time is hard enough when you're momming it, it can really lose some of the enjoyability when you're tired, momming it and still trying to figure out what each partner wants from intimacy and what makes you both happy. Older parents have already spent a lot of time, ummm...figuring that out (PARTICULARLY if they've dealt with infertility, lemme tell 'ya), and so there's not as much pressure to not only find time for each other but to figure out what works. Trust me, makes a difference.

7. You get to be Thelma or Louise Like A Boss.

Here's what I find the most fun, sometimes! Yes, I go to the birthday parties and playdates and am the oldest gal at every one. But you know what? Remember what you loved about Thelma and Louise (or do you even know who Thelma and Louise ARE?)? Older moms get to be that! We get to be the ones who make everyone a little awed and scared and desperate to be around because let's face it--we sort of realize we're on a little faster downhill slide than the younger mamas so we are gonna squeeze life for all we can. Like a boss, as they say. Momming it like a boss.

10 reasons being an older mom is great

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8. Fun is a whole new level.

You know what's fun? Friday night pizza (organic, of course) and game/movie night in pajamas. Then a 'slumber party' in my room. You know why that's fun? Because I didn't have to do a doggone thing but exist. No worrying about what I'm going to wear or cleaning the house for a babysitter or any of that 'let's go out' jazz when I was younger. Best part? It all starts around 4:30 pm and I'm asleep by 9 pm. Now THAT's a fun night!

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9. Kids Keep You Active.

I admit it. My natural propensity is to sit on a sofa and read. I'd do that all day long and twice on Sunday if I could. But having a little one who needs lots of fresh air and activity keeps me...well, keeps me young. The doctor is diagnosing arthritis in my knees and bunions in my feet but you know what? I'm keeping up, and may even be the healthiest and in the best shape in my life. Crazy what motivation you have to do better and live longer when you want to see your *great* grandchildren one day!

10. People take me more seriously.

The reality is that we don't give our young people enough credit. Nor do we give our young adults/young mamas. Being young doesn't mean you don't know stuff. It just means you don't know all the stuff. But that's where being an older mom has advantage. We don't know all the stuff either, but people expect that we do since we're older. Sometimes this sucks, because we're still winging this whole mom thing like a 20-year-old mama, but sometimes? Sometimes it's great because when we have issues, we can tell people exactly what we want to happen, and believe it or not? They listen.

Even better, because we remember what it was like to be young and unheard? We love to advocate not only for ourselves but for our younger mama friends too. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that standing up for a fellow, but younger, mama made a difference in her life and the life of her little one.

So, let us know, younger mamas. Tell us how we can help you--because honestly, we're really all in this together, but if us being older can help you out too? We're all about it.