As your child gets older, it can be hard to find appropriate chapter books, especially books with female protagonists.
As your child gets older, it can be hard to find appropriate chapter books, especially books with female protagonists. You also want the books to match your child's maturity and reading level. Here are five great choices.

My daughter is nearing eight years old, but she can read at a 4th or 5th-grade level. I've always struggled to keep up with her reading desire because she can devour a chapter book in a few days. I want to make sure the books matched her maturity level and life understanding without being too young or boring for her. The task was hard, but there are a few choices we just love!

1. Little House on the Prairie:

Every list of chapter books for kids, especially young girls, has to include Little House on the Prairie! There are multiple ones in the set, so your child can read them all as she gets older. The books ignite the imagination, putting your child back over 100 years ago. You are sure to see some creative play after she reads these stories.

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2. Miracles on Maple Hill:

Written in the 1950s, Miracles on Maple Hill is a classic. The story follows a family that travels back to the wood of Pennsylvania. When a neighbor has a heart attack, the family steps forward to repay their kindness by tapping his maple trees. In the end, they have to find out if they did a good enough job for their neighbor's maple syrup business.

3. Charlotte's Web:

Every kid needs a copy of Charlotte's Web on his/her bookshelf! Follow along with Fern and her pig, Wilbur. The story is heart-warming and may cause some tear-shedding. After your child is done reading the book, watch the movie!

4. The Courage of Sarah Noble:

If your child is learning about Early American history, The Courage of Sarah Noble follows a young girl through the wilderness. She goes with her father to set up their new homestead in the frontier. She makes friends with local Native Americans. It is a story of bravery and courage that your child will want to read multiple times.

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5. Sarah, Plain and Tall:

The story starts off rather sad when the mother of Anna and Caleb passes during childbirth. The father writes an ad for a mail-order bride to help raise the kids. The kids love Sarah but are afraid she will leave them for the sea that she misses. While sad, the story is captivating and beautiful.