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We really haven't talked about names too much.

My favorites:

Girl- Zoe, Liberty (Libby), Anastasia, Anneliese, Delaney, Esther, Ellen, Camryn

Boy- Isaac, Elijah, Seth, Malcolm, Malachi, Quentin, Ezekial (Zeke), Jonah

I know that is more than 5, but I am always searching name lists in hopes of finding a name I haven't thought of yet, so I always try to list as many as I can so that maybe I can help someone else.

I'm not stressing about it yet. I'm getting strong Seth vibes, which is really strange because I hate 1 syllable first names (our last name is one syllable so I think the first name needs to be a little more) and I've never liked the name Seth before.
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