Here are some of our top picks for sunscreens that do the job, but not the damage!
It's summertime, and while we want to soak up Vitamin D, we also want to be sure to protect our skin. Here are some of our top picks for sunscreens that do the job, but not the damage!

Skin is our body's largest organ. As research proves over and over that the things we put on our skin make a difference inside our body, it's more important than ever to be sure what goes on our skin is safe. With summer right at our doorstep, be sure that the sunscreen you use for your family is protecting you without creating even more cause for concern.

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1. Kabana Skincare

I love this entire line. It was created by a Stanford biochemist who is also a father, and touts front and center on his web page that he cares for his family, values his health and respects creatures of the earth. I adore that he makes safe, tinted sunscreen that uses non-nanoparticle zinc, but blends better with my skin color so I look less white and pasty! SO great for daily facial protection as well! I mean, the man teaches YOU to read ingredients, so you know that he's watching them as well!
Kabana Suncare is protection for the whole family

2. Babo Botanicals

This is another company I just love. Their customer service is top notch, and their packaging makes you feel like you are getting Tiffany level products at an 'outlet' price. Again, my husband and son are not the fondest of the 'white' look that often accompanies safe sun protection, so this clear protection is an absolute go-to in our house!
Babo Botanicals has amazing customer service

3. Goddess Garden Organics Spray

While this company does make an aerosol spray (which I miss in a sunscreen but will never use because of inhalant danger and flammability), they also make a fabulous lotion spray that miraculously, doesn't clog! I've tried other sprays that drove me nuts spending money only to have it unusable because of trigger clogging, but this doesn't. And the one time (of many bottles bought!) that it did? Their customer service was top notch. If your child is squirmy with sunscreen like mine is, you'll love it!
Goddess Garden Spray doesn't clog!

4. Raw Elements Eco

We love the water resistance of this one as my husband and son are constantly in the water, and I hate worrying about whether or not I need to reapply more often. It has, as they say, all the good stuff, but also smells very tropical and summery without any synthetic scents.
Raw Element Eco Sun has Great Water resistance!

5. DERMA-E Baby Sunscreen

This delicious smelling baby protection (thanks to calming chamomile) has non-nano particle zinc that moisturizes your little's skin while protecting from those harmful rays. We love the commitment to the environment this company has. Side note: Try their Even Tone Brightening Serum to help lighten up those sunspots!

6. DIY Natural Sunscreen

I admit: I am lazy, although I have the best of intentions. There are tons of natural DIY sunscreen recipes out there. Unfortunately, if you refer back to "I'm lazy," I hadn't made any yet because I hadn't taken the time to really research efficacy of homemade sunscreens. I know Wellness Mama does do that research, and this homemade recipe of hers is an easy, affordable and safe way to keep your family protected with your own ingredients!
DIY sunscreen recipes that work!