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Topical estrogen cream for fused labia in infant?

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My baby has a fused labia, apparently. I had no idea, dont ask me how I missed it but I did. I looked at it and it's very, very fused. She was prescribed topical estrogen cream. Are there longterm risks of using this beyond temporary symptoms? If I do not use it, what is the risk she could need genital surgery, considering the fact that her labia is extremely fused save a small area at the top.

Thank you!
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Bump! While some knowledgeable mamas are around I'd love input on this one.
I just bumped a couple of threads for you about labial adhesions and avoiding the doctors.

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I saw the bumps, thanks Wu Wei and thank you for the link hazelmama. I should have thought this would be common enough to have lots of threads on it! I have to go out in a sec but will read everything later. I used the cream two days but not today. Damn the doctor pressure is intense, I tried to refuse it but ended up pressured into it. It's like stockholm syndrome man. We were in this teensy room, not allowed out (well baby wasn't which meant I only got out when she was sleeping), and they were in masks and gowns giving me all kinds of drama! And they really focused on this issue, of course coz it stopped them cathing her. And I was damn glad it stopped them, coz I had consented to the cath after being assured it was totally necessary and vitally important. Hmm when they couldnt do it, seems a bag in her diaper sufficed. Who'da thought!
I just posted an update in my own thread, but I thought I would reply to yours, too.

I would NOT use the estrogen cream. Anything that makes my infant's breasts grow is, IMO, not a good idea unless ASBOLUTELY necessary. From what I have witnessed, there are probably 2 issues: 1)rash/irritated skin which heals together, and 2) an absence of estrogen in the baby (this is what keeps our labia from fusing as adults)
For 1), I found that California Baby was really the only cream that made a difference. It is expensive, but it has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties (from the essential oils). Honestly, it seemed almost magical to me after 1.5 years of struggling against rash. Also, we started a probiotic (Biogaia) that seemed to really help prevent yeast rash.
2) They start producing their own estrogen around 2-- so even if the cream does not seem to be helping a lot, I would wait until 2 to see if they separate naturally. At any rate, I would not pursue the surgery or hormones until after 2 unless the adhesions were causing other serious problems (like infections).

Good luck! I felt so bad after finding out about DD's adhesions, but they never seemed to bother her at all--- I think this is probably a pretty common condition which usually corrects itself around 2.

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No advice but
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Her labia is extremely fused, there is just a very small opening near the top. She pees weird, which I had noticed but not thought much of, like the pee floods from the top of her labia and sometimes over the top of her thigh if she is laying on her back, so her outfit will get wet but not where it should, if that makes sense, if she pees with a diaper off.

I want to avoid the risk of genital surgery though, this is extremely important to me.
Dd's was fused at the upper labia and completely fused at the vaginal opening-- I would not see her vagina at all and could only see a tiny slit in the inner labia (where urine came out). I don't know how that compares to your daughter's... How old is she?

ITA about the genital surgery. If you are very concerned, perhaps you could start with the premarin cream to start the separation and then keep up with just the regular diaper cream. I bought the California Baby because it contains lavender oil, which (if I remember correctly) acts somewhat like an estrogen.
Just wanted to update for anyone who might search this topic, and say: I monitored but did not do the cream nor surgery. The attending doc (who was pretty hysterical on many fronts, for context) told me this is the second worst fusion she had ever seen, emphatically 'guaranteed' it would not resolve without intervention, and basically called me irresponsible for not treating as per her rec, and told me I was 'putting my baby in harms way.'

Well. I monitored but did not treat, and checked today to find a pea size opening toward the bottom of the labia. HUGE development from before, and plenty big enough for pee to pass through. My baby is now 9 months.

I called the doctor to... well, let's be honest... gloat. And I am calling the hospital with which she is affiliated to complain.

Woot! Go baby!
Go baby!

And go you, for following up with them. Gloat away!
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