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Anything ever come of TopKitty????
I couldn't post my banner and then it/she disappeared......
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The link on my website (to TopKitty) stopped working, and their website doesn't come up. It looks like they didn't renew their domain name registration (either forgot or decided not to).

Maybe someone else has more info?

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Yeah - I dunno - looks like it just crumbled with no notice. I sure hope she is alright. (I forgot her name.
: )
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Still haven't heard anything on this at all.... I'm really curious as to what happened.
KittyBids is still there just not TOPKitty and a couple of other links. There were problems with TOPKitty before it went down so maybe they are trying to fix that.
It'd be cool to know wether it's going to be up soon, my little dead link looks pretty tacky....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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