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I think my son may have torticollis b/c his head is always crooked over to one side. His head is also flat on one side. Anyways i was wondering if maybe a chiropractor might be able to help? I think this might be the reason why he hates being on his tummy cause it hurts him to lift his head up. He's almost 5mths old and still won't lift his head when laid on his tummy.
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Ask Bailey228. She's posted about this recently on the October moms thread. She did say the chiro helped, but she could probably give more details if you want.
Emmaline (now 4.5) had very mild torticollis. We did some strengthening exercises for several months...maybe six months total, and it was fine. We got the exercises from a physical therapist, and she had a few appointments, but it wasn't a long term thing.

I just noticed you're in Georgia. I'm in Atlanta. LMK if you want info on who we saw.
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yep, this is definatly something a chiro can help with. I'm currently taking my dd 3 times a week to help her torticollis. It can definatly cause pain like you suspect, dd hated tummy time, now she loves it. After 2 weeks of going 3 times a week I've seen a 90% improvement in her. She's still going to get to 100%. Make sure though that you find a chiro who has experience with infants and is patient and gentle. (obvious I know, just thought I'd say it so it'd be fresh in your mind to ask when making an appointment). Oh most insurance should cover this too if yours covers chiropractic care. What you describe though does sound like tort. I thought my dd just tended to flop that way til she started holding her head up and noticed that she had underdeveloped neck muscles on the left and never held her head straight.
We had a PT consult because the doc thought G may have torticollis. The PT showed me some things to do (mostly massage) and we were already encouraging G to strengthen the weak side of his neck by showing him stuff on that side. Anyway, if it's really torticollis, I think a physical therapist is your best bet. (but I've nevr used a chiropractor)
oh yes, I forgot to mention, the chiro also does soft tissue physical therapy with her as well (which we also do at home) Chiropractics is physical therapy though, just for the skelatal system instead of the soft tissues.
dd1 had torticollis where she would turn her head to the right most of the time. She had Cranio Sacral Therapy done through early-intervention as well as we worked on putting interesting things/people to her left and now at 9 months the torticollis is mostly gone.
dd has this too. it's slowly improving. one thing I read to do is lay the baby on the side that has the tightness and lift their body up with their head still on the ground. it can work better than just pushing the head the other way because they tend to resist that. obviously not if it appears to hurt, though.
DS has had torticollis since birth. He favored the right side of his head to sleep on for many months and his head was flatter on the right. Our ped showed us 2 exercises to do that I'd do for a few minutes a few times per day that really helped him-opposite ear to opposite shoulder, chin to opposite shoulder. He still has slight torticollis and we're starting official pt on Monday.

I did those 2 exercises and ds eventually started to sleep on the back of his head and even on the left side. Our ped told us to wait until after 8 mos before we discussed getting a helmet or band for his head because he said with those 2 exercises, many babes would "right" themselves by 8 or 9 mos, and he was right in ds' case. We've really lucked out with our ped because all of ds' specialists were the peds professors in college and are the top docs in our area. Thankfully, our ped is proactive and is all for preventative stuff like pt, etc.

Here's a great website:
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