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We've been doing AP with our son, 22 mos. For the most part he is a really happy, easygoing little guy who gets rave reviews where ever he goes. Lately he's started a habit which is driving his dad and me nuts. Whenever he wants our attention, he yells "YA-YA-YA!". Throughout his life we have tried to respond to him in a timely and loving way, but lately the YA-YA-YA thing is increasing in frequency and volume. If my back is turned or I am out of the room for a second he starts yelling YA-YA-YA for attention. It's getting REALLY annoying. We've asked him to stop, or to call to us by using our names, but he keeps yelling YA-YA-YA. I try to explain that I will tend to him shortly, but he doesn't seem to comprehend. It's just YA-YA-YA!

Has anyone else's tot had this kind of habit? What did you do?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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