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There's a lot of answers to that question! Do you have an idea of what type of diapers you'd like to use? For fitteds or prefolds, I like to have about 2 dozen diapers for newborns/young infants and six covers. If you are using prefolds, you will be able to use the same infant prefolds for months, and will only need to stock up on different cover sizes. You could also go the route of a one size fitted or all AIO's or pockets. What size to start with really depends on the diaper. There are some brands where an extra small is too small for most newborns, and they could start in a small. Others, you'd be best to start with the newborn size if there is one. Have your other two kids been big babies, or average? That can help you figure out what to expect.

As for my favorites, I like using fitteds and covers with newborns. I find that they contain the poo better
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