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This is way off topic, and I wasn't sure where to post this, or if I even should. I just felt like I had to tell someone.

My mom is over here helping me pre-cook some meals to freeze for after our 2nd baby is born. She was cooking, I was cleaning - dusting, vacuuming, changing bird cage papers, picking up baby toys, etc. While I was cleaning Emily's cage (a caique) and my mom was giving out slices of melon. She asked me, after giving a piece to Emily and my Hahn's macaw, what about Sydney (cockatiel)? (who shares a cage with Nico), I said, well, Sydney is a seed and grass junkie, but Nico likes fruit.

Well, I look over into their cage (since I was talking about them) and to my shock Nico was dead. It was just horrible. He was fine yesterday. Nico is a little maroon-belly conure...bigger than a parakeet, smaller than a cockatiel. He's green with a maroon belly. Well, I've had Nico since November of 2000. He, along with all my other animals, moved here (Alaska) from Wisconsin in May of 2004, I drove my van and took a ferry. I crossed the Canadian border with endangered species (had to have C.I.T.E.S. permits beforehand and complete health checks). They have survived me living with my parents, then getting married, having a baby, moving again....

It was just so sudden and totally unexpected, and very, very sad. Nico was so gentle, sweet, quiet, clean, rode on my dog's back, snuggled under my husband's chin,...
Anyway, just wanted to share, had to tell someone.
My poor little birdie is dead. I wish I could share a picture, but I don't know how to upload a picture into the forum from my computer.
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