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I feel ya. Not having a bathroom is terrible...there was a period of time when we FIRST remodeled our house where we were showering at the gym or the locker room at school or friends' houses...good times.

Right now, our crib and dresser for the baby are in the middle of our living room, along with our new king size mattress...this equates to me stumbling and nearly falling on my face at least once a day! We are going to be packing up everything in our living room and kitchen this week and moving it into our bedroom (which is barely big enough for us and the dogs as it is) for approximately 2 weeks while the ceilings are vaulted and flooring is replaced...then everything goes back in the living room and kitchen, and we'll be sleeping out there for 2 weeks. Then we'll be bathroom-free for about a week! Then the REAL renovation work begins...

Oh yeah, it's a fun ride...I'm just SO looking forward to the end result that I'm willing to endure the craziness...even though I, too, will be full-term in 4 weeks! Yikes! DH and I have never done anything the way everyone else expected us to or thought we "should," so this is nothing new for us...but yeah, I'm pretty sure we're out of our minds.

For DH, this is his "opus"...he really sees this as his main contribution to the process of having a baby, so I am loathe to suggest that we postpone it or tone it down. It means so much to him so it means a lot to me, too. We'll survive!

Good luck to you!!!
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