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I noticed there were a few of us who are insane enough to be doing major projects right now. I thought we could all support eachother during this crazy crazy time. I haven't had my shower/bathtub for 2 weeks now. It started with a leak, then the tearing out of the ceiling beneath said leak, then attempted fixing of the leak causing sadi leak to become worse, so we decided to remodel our bathroom.....

Well, before we can do one thing we must do another, and that list is so long I feel I will NEVER get a decent bath again. My whole house is a mess and we are working so hard on these projects that everything else is falling behind, and I will be full term in 4 WEEKS!!!! Not to mention we are EXTREMELY pushing our budget, and we have noe clean clothes, b/c I am so behind on laundry b/c we had to have the main water off for so long....and the list goes on and on......

Anyone else feeling like this?
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